Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review: Face Cleansing Exfoliator

Just the other day I picked up this unqiue little piece at a P85.00 store at Robinsons Galleria, while waiting for a meeting.

I can't remember the name of this shop was, It started with a S, and eveything inside the store was Php 85.00, some pieces worth it and some seemed a little over priced for Php 85.00. But I just came across this facial cleansing exfoliator silicone type brush and I though for Php 85.00 whats the loss.

Im sure we are all aware of the importance of exfoliating your face on a regular basis, is important part of making sure your face is clear of excess dirt and dead skin cells, and allowing the skin to become smooth and glowing.

And because recently im having a problem with random zits appearing, Im trying to do everything to make my face clear and smooth once again.

So, when you first take out the little scrubber, its got these several silicone bristles (if you can call them that), and there is a little part at the back where you slide your index finger and your middle finger on each side so you can hold it into place to scrub all over your face. The inital smell of the brush is not at all pleasant, but give it a quick wash under water, and its all gone.

How to use
1. First apply your face cleanser of choice
2. Get hold of your brush
3. Then start to scrub your cleanser into your face, in a circular motion

4. Once finished wash your face and scrubber
5. Dry your face - and the result your face should be all smooth.

nice and smooth

I have used this brush for the last 3 days every morning and night, It has been sucessful in making my face smooth, but as for assisting in reducing acne, not so well. But will let you know after a few weeks.

Anyway once again that will be all for now, and
until next time - :)

What do you use to exfoliate your face? Does it work well? And does it help with reducing acne?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ellana Haul

Ellana has come out with a few new products, and I just had to give these babies a whirl.

These are the few items I have just got,

Ellana Lip Tint  - Lovestruck & Infatuation
Ellana Stick Concealer - Alive & Refresh
Ellana Bronzer - Light Roast

nude lips - nothing applied

lovestruck on top lip & infatuation on lower lip

These lip tints used to be refered to the lip color that came in little tubs. However, now they come in the little tubes for the same price. However, I think these tints give off much more color compared to the lip colors.

When first applied - they go on so smooth and creamy, you don't need to apply alot at all. And for about the first 5-10 minutes you feel a fresh tingly feeling that I like to refer to as "sensation".

Unfortunately, the tints don't stay on for very long, they are very nice, and I am looking forward to trying some more shades. And wondering how long 1 tube will last me.

So we will see how well it goes.

left is refresh - a salmon toned concealer right is alive - a yellow toned concealer

top is alive;  bottom is refresh

So here is a very new product, where Ellana has annonced their first stick concealer formular, with tea tree oil.

They are very creamy when I swatched them. I think the refresh shade is proberly better for me as you can see in the swatch. But for most asian people, you will more than likely find that alive would work much better on your skin tone, but everyone is different.

So anyway I am very excited to see how well these concealers work under my eyes and on my belmishes. These go for Php 250.00 each.

And last but not least ellana has come out with two new shades of matte blushes, I got the light roast, the lighter of the two. Will let you know how I go with this shade.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Review: Bent Liner Brush

I finally got my little hands on this well raved bent liner brush.

I just always having trouble lining my upper lids, let alone winging it out. My brush was always sitting in the view of my eyes. Super frustrating, So I just knew I needed to get my hands on one of these brushes, without costing me a arm and a leg.

Unfortunately, not many sellers have a bent liner brush here in Philippines. So I started to research for places here in Philippines and hesitantly internationally.Then I stumbled across a website – saying Beauty & Minerals have a bent liner brush. Im not sure how much it is by itself but I got mine 2 for Php 500.00 so it worked out to be P250.00 each.

hehe yay I got the brush - but its got thoes weird lumps on the side - hope it just doesnt get worse.

I was super excited to finally have a bent liner in my hands, and, get the liner the way I finally want it to look, because my hand isn’t in my view.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because they haven’t posted any pictures of it, on their website, But Ms Sophie, described it to be just like the Smashbox Bent Liner Brush. So, I guess why not.

I was so happy to finally have this brush in my possession. I have used it twice, once with a cream and once with liquid liner. Both work well, and I find it so much easier to apply my liner on my upper lids, compared with my straight liner or angled liner brush.

Although, admittedly I must work on my technique on my winged out liner. But with practice I will get better.


- Got a decent sized handle to ensure your hand does not get in the way

- The brush is narrow

- Affordable

- Available locally

- Easy to use


- Not the biggest fan of pink ( but that’s nothing to be fussy about when you got this brush.


I am happy I got this brush, How it will serve in the future will yet have to be seen. So I will update you on how I go with my winged liner technique goes, and, hopefully this brush will help me do it.

Review: Jumbo Fan Brush

I've been looking for a jumbo fan brush for some time now, and, I just couldn't find anyone who sold it, without coming in a whole set.

Then yesterday, I was in Landmark, whilst looking for a small comb before I went to go see NEW MOON!- (make sure you reserve your seats before going it pays off not waiting in that huge line). I just happend to walk past a misplaced jumbo fan brush, out of its section.

I had to grab it! It was Php 180.00 and plus it looked so lonely out of place hehe.

Anyway, this morning I got to try it out, after cleaning it and what not.

I used it to apply my bronzer and blush. It looks really natural and easy to apply, for me anyway its much easier for me to apply, because it doesn't pick up too much product, just enough so I don't look like a clown.

The brush 18.5 cm long, from the tallest hair of the brush to the tip of the handle. The actual brush is approximately 10cm wide, so It has alot of coverage and is perfect to quicky apply your blush, bronzer or illuminizer.

The hairs are very soft, not itchy or scratchy which is always a good plus.

- Available locally
- Makes it easy to apply blush, bronzer & illuminizer

-  Hairs are very soft
- Affordable

- Not easy to come by this brush

Overall :

I really love this brush, and I hope this brush will last me a long time, because I think I will be using this on a more regular basis from now on. This is not an essential brush for any kikays on a budget, but nonetheless, it is a really nice addition to the collection.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: Nivea Deodorant Vs Dove Go- Fresh Anti-perspirant

All us girls just don't like to admit it, but all of us at some time we all use some form of deodorizer to keep us from sweating it out and smelling up the office on thoes stinkin' hot days.

So I wanted to share with you the few ones that I like to use.

I use both Nivea Fresh Natural Ocean Extracts & Dove Go Fresh cucumber & green tea scent.

Both keep me from perspiring and feeling fresh all day - which is the main reason why we use them right. So for me these both work very well.

So for Nivea Fresh Natural - " with ocean extracts offers the confidence of 24 h effective deodorant protection, providing a fresh feeling, all day long. It's the optimal combination of reliable deodorant proection and NIVEA's mild care."

- Available locally for about Php140.00
- Can be used for both females & males
- Hygenic to share with others because its only sprayed on
- Really lasts 24 hours without perspiring
- Doesn't irriate senstive skin
- Lasts for about 1 1/2 shared between two people - haha hubby and I share this one.
- Has a fresh, not overwhelming scent
- Available in roll on forms ( I don't like to use this especially when shared with others)

- Irriates skin if the skin has been freshly shaved or plucked/epilated
- Spray Can is not good for the environment
- Can't take this on air travel - for fire hazards.


I really enjoy the fresh scent and the protection this deodorant provides me throughout the day. Im just happy it doesn't leave that yucky white dusty look on my shirts that some anti-persperants give.

I give this baby 9/10 just because it isn't good for the environment.

On to the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Scent

"The beautifyl thing about this deodorant besides the 24 hour protection? Well, with the fresh Green Tea & Cucumber scent it goes on clean & light. Feels fresh? Absolutely. Dove is also the only deodorant with 1/4 moisturising cream, after shaving, leaving underarms soft and smooth. So, what are you waiting for? Go Fresh! "

Just that little paragraph there just sells it all for me.  I want all of that!

You can smell that fresh scent they are talking about, not saying that it's much better than Nivea, its just as fresh scented as each other. I think the only difference between the two is the moisturizing factor. Because as I said above - When I shave my underarms, and I spary the Nivea - My underarms go red and irritated, as for the Dove Go Fresh, It feels moisturized and it isn't at all irriated.

- Moisturizes underarms
- Lasts all day long - 24 hours
- Fresh and beautifully scented
- Lasts up to 2-3 months used on its own
- Can be used for females & males
- Hygenic to share with others (spray can)
- Available in roll on forms

- Spray can isnt good for the environment
- Spray Can cant be taken on air flights due to fire hazards.


I like this one also just as much as the nivea, but the one thing this one has over the nivea is the moisturizing quality.

This baby also gets a 9/10 for the same reason above- the spary can is just not good for the environment.

You can find both these in your local supermarkets or department stores for P140.00-P180.00. Good thing is these arn't sealed so you can test them for the scent prior to buying - always a plus.

Well thats it for now. Until Next time :)


Go from Frizzy to manageable and straight

Hey girls & guys,

Want that perfectly straight hair! But you just can't afford it?

Well here is your option. For ONLY Php 500.00 - your saving a total of Php 1500.00, this includes necessary treatments.

We are looking 3 models one for each hair type.

Type 1 - 100% virgin hair - this means you've haven't got any chemical treatments such has hair color, etc.

Type 2 -Previously Colored hair - When we say color - your hair can't of had any henna/metalic type hair colors or bleach in your hair. You must of had just a regular hair color applied to the hair.

Type 3 - Previously Chemically treated hair - This means you could of had a rebond, perm or relax 3 months ago.
We need to double check your hair hasn't been highly sensitized due to the chemical treatments; we will require you to come inside the salon to pre - check the hair to ensure that the rebond will not cause further damage to your hair - For both type 2 & 3

So if you fall into any of these categories and you wish to have your hair rebonded. Give us a shout out.

Reyes Haircutters Salon, is having a refreshment training for Express Rebonding by Cosmocare Philippines. So not to worry your in the hands of trained professionals.

Every few months Reyes Haircutters, likes to refresh the minds of its professional hairdressers to ensure they are making each clients hair the absolute best it can be.

Express Rebonding has been introduced earlier this year, and is being used by several salons within the Philippines. The difference between Express Rebonding and regular rebonding, is the amount of time you find yourself sitting in that salon chair.

The processing time for regular rebonding takes approximately 6 hours. For express rebonding, it takes 3-4 hours to complete. You knock it off by almost half the time, that you could be using doing something else.

When : Thursday, 26th November 2009

Time: 9am - 5pm

Where : Reyes Haircutters, N. Domingo - San Juan.

So anyway if your interested, shout out at least 2 days prior to the event.

Please make note:  You need to be completely honest about the condition of your hair. If it has been chemically treated or colored. It is in the intrest of the salon & yourself to do so, because as a end result, the people who are not honest, find themselves not completely satisfied with the result of their hair, because the attending hairdresser will not be able to treat the hair in the way it is needed to be protected from futher damage.

So if you been wanting a rebond for a long time for a cheap price - heres your opportunity

Until next time - love ya!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Come and visit MOI Cosmetics @ Santa's Workshop Bazaar this 28th-29th November. Many high quality products, brushsets, collagen masks and a few other bits an pieces you will be able to try out there.

You should also be able to test some of the palettes themselves! So don't miss out on a great opportunity.

To see the product range please visit MOI Cosmetics.

Sushi Made Easy

Do you like sushi? Don't you wish you could make it like the professionals do, without making such a mess

Heres your solution! Sushezi - Professional Sushi Made easy

What it says on the box

The easy way to make 'Professional' Sushi in your own home. Perfectly formed  No Guess work - No trial and error.
Easy to follow instructions. Fresh - Healthy - Delicious - Nutritious,
Using your own choice of imaginative fillings will make you a sushi expert and have your guests coming back for more.

This nifty device is great and affordable. I got mine in Australia in a local kitchen wear store of $30 AUD so in conversion Php 1260 . Im sure it possibly be available here in Philippines somewhere. Or you can find it at Sushezi Website .

This does not only make sushi, you can make cookies, sasuage rolls, etc. Let your imagination do the work.

Making your Sushi (Maki)

1. Open your Sushezi and lightly oil the inside. Wet your hands to help handle the rice better. Make sure the plunger rod is sitting in the screw thread position. Pack 1/2 cup of Sushi rice mixture into one half of the Sushezi and repeat with another 1/2 cup into the other half, again making sure the plunger rod is in the screw thread position.

2. Lift out the plunger rod and lay it in the centre of one half of the rice. Press firmly down, making sure that the end plate is in position at the screw thread end. Repeat for the other half. This will provide a neat, straight groove. Lay your ingredients into the grooves.

3. Replace the plunger into the thread end in the screw channel with the end plate against the end of the thread.

4. Gently close the two halves together, starting at a 45ยบ angle.

5. Clip the latches shut. Fit the end cap by lining up the marks and make sure it is secure by twisting to lock in place.

6. Hold the Sushezi in one hand and turn the plunger knob until the mark on the rod is reached (approx. 5 full turns). This will compress the rice mixture to the right consistency.

7. Twist the end cap to unlock and remove the cap. On a bench or tabletop, place a nori sheet glossy side face down with the longest edge closest to you. Push the plunger right through. Position the newly formed rice roll on to the nori sheet.

8. Roll up the nori sheet. Wet the nori sheet at the joining end with a little water to ensure that the overlap sticks.

9. To allow the nori sheet to soften, leave for 15 minutes before slicing. Moisten the blade of a sharp knife with water. Slice through. Wipe the blade of the knife clean after each cut. Using the cutting former will make the individual sushi evenly shaped and professional in appearance.

10. Enjoy!

-Its easy to use
-Can make many different kinds of food with this device in a perfect roll, into little circles.
- Comes with instructions
- Affordable for what it does
- Easy to store in your kitchen cubboards
- No mess, fuss

- Do need to experiment with the right amount of rice you put into the sushi maker, you can accidently put too much
- Need to trail 2-3 times before it makes
- May not be yet available locally


I love this sushi maker because its simple to use, although i'm not such a big fan of the sushi  thats available, I can use this to make my own sushi with the ingredients I like. Not only that I can try making other dishes with this.
Doesn't make such a big mess, easy to clean and store away.

So if you love sushi, this is definately something you should have in your kitchen cubboard, just for thoes days you need to get sushi into your tummy!

I give this little device a 9/10

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: Magic Wand

Yey! I got my magic wand. I just saw a few reviews on this, and it was for sale for P250.00 I had to get my hands on this weird looking thing.

I got mine from took a 2-3 days and I already had it in my hands.

I've been trying this little nifty product out for the last few weeks, and, it's not a bad werid looking device. Its pretty much made up of a spring and two handles. And the way it works is alot like threading but with a spring. And when you twist the sping all over your hairs it plucks them out.


Step 1: Bend the want into an inverted U

Step 2: Relax and place the wand firmly on your face
Step 3: Roll handles inward and outward

Step 4: Watch your unwanted hair disappear.

- Make sure your face washed and clean
- Make sure your face isn't oily or wet
- To make it easier for the hair to come off - push your tounge against problem area

- Use wand as you see any regrowth
- practice makes perfect

Keeping it clean:

Like ourselves, we must also make sure the tools we use are always clean.

- Bend the want into a U and tap out the plucked hair
- Wet a tissue with alcohol and wipe the want with it or rinse wand under warm water
- Let dry completely before using again.

Personal Thoughts:

This is a cute little product, that helps with removing undwanted hair all over your face. You know all thoes hidden hairs you can't notice on your face but they are there! This gets them out. Around the lips, chin, cheeks, forehead etc. Unfortunately it's no good to remove hair around eyebrows, because its just too big for that.

When you actually first try this product, you will be able to hear and feel the hair plucking out of your face. Its a easy product to keep in your handbag, when you just notice this patch of hair. Its not loud like an epilator and doesn't need a battery to be operated.

It didn't really hurt me when I used it, but others may feel different about it.

- Pulls out unwanted hair from face area
- not noisy
- small
- doesn't need batteries to operate
- can fit in your hand bag
- Affordable

- Cant pull out unwanted eyebrow hairs


I think this product is cute and handy. Not necessary. Although its similar to being threaded all over your face. One area will normally cost you Php 100.00,  So technically you will only get 2 1/2 treating sessions out of this one wand, iyou can get this wand, and fix up yourself quickly before you head out the door.

You will only find this product useful if you have unwanted hairs around your face such as your upper lips, otherwise this is proberly not for you.

So thats it for now.

Have any of you got to try this product? And do you like it?

Friday the 13th - How did you celebrate.

Talk about me being out of the loop, I had no idea it was Friday the 13th, and, truth be told, I didn't even realize it was something to be celebrated

But nonetheless, it ended up being a great night out! YAY!

It all started because we were actually waiting all morning for engineer and his workers to come back to the unit to finish the leaking bathroom! And guess what?! He wasn't going to come! Hubby and I was so annoyed, because he didn't even bother to call or text to tell us that he wasn't coming until we did! So inconsiderate! Argh, so anyway we decided we have to do something instead of waste the day away. So we tossed up some ideas and chose to go to MOA.

In my process of getting dressed I saw my hooters singlet I got from Australia, and, I was telling hubby I wish I had the guts to wear this out. He ended up convincing me to wear it and we would hit the hooters restraunt in MOA. I was so embarressed, But maybe the girls would give me a staff discount. Hehe gettin my hopes high!

So little did we realize it was friday the 13th, and, the traffic was INSANE! bumper to bumper all the way. But we finally got there, but it was to early for dinner, so we went inside the mall, and, counted the people who was shocked by my singlet, We got to 70 ppl and then lost intrest! haha, small things that amuse us! So we got to hooters, and, boring the girls didn't even say anything, the life wasnt there at all. Even when they were dancing on the tables wheres the enthusiasm! The most enteratining thing I found was the guy behind us getting pissed of at the waitress and the manager because it took 15 minutes for a beer! Thats no good.

Anyway, as for the food, I got chicken quasidelias - MMMM Yummy, and hubby got a chicken burger - which unfortunately not up to what we expected especially for the price. You get much more from Chilis, TGIF etc. But, overall I would give hooters a 5/10.

the batman guy at TGIF

So as we finished there, we heared on the radio MAGIC 89.9 was going to be at Fort Bonifacio at TGIF where a few bands would be playing. So we figured maybe we can go there to have a few drinks. So glad we did. There was 3 bands playing; river maya; grey stout/gracedout eee.. couldn't clearly hear what Susie and Mia announced over the mic and one more and yet again couldn't hear the name being announced - my apologies If anyone knows please correct me. But they were all awesome, I loved the music and the atmosphere, even if the crowd was tough it ended up really good. With free shoots of Jagermister! If you don't like licorice, Im not sure you will like this drink, actually I don't like it myself, but it was free!

Whilst im on the topic, have you heared of a drink called a Jager Bomb! Its a shot of Jagermister and a glass of redbull, and you drop your shot in the redbull and you have to scull it! It tastes YUCK! but its fun! So hubby, didn't think anyone knew what this drink was, So we made a bet, If I won I would get my revlon lipgloss in pink afterglow I have been lemming for a while, If he won I would give him a little present!

In the end I won! Yippee and today I got my lipgloss! But I think Ill give my hubby his little present for being such a good sport! 

Oh yeah and did I forget to mention my hubby was so sweet he won me the New Moon soundtrack !! aww...sweetness

So anyway, that was my first celebrated friday the 13th as a hooters chick! hehe

What did you all do?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Loreal Serie Expert - Absolut Repair

Got seriously damaged hair? Dry, brittle, split ends from little care and too much chemicals.

Think about trying Loreal Serie Expert - Absolut Repair products.

This is such a great range in product, although you do pay the price for this product, you find it lasts you a long time and you really see results in your hair.

I have in my collection the Shampoo 250ml, Repairing Serum 50ml, Treatment 200 ml & Leave in treatment 150ml. All of these except for the leave in treatment was given to me as a gift from the Loreal Representive Ms Bullet & Ms Anne. I am hoping soon the salon HQ will allow this line to be sold in my shop, But you can find serie expert line in many salons except for my favorite Leave in treatment that I had to bring all the way from Australia. It goes for about $20 aud so thats Php 840.00.

But because I didn't buy the other products myself, but I am aware that they hover around the same price.

I have used and tried all execpt the shampoo, I don't know why I haven't used it, haha Im saving it. Well maybe Im just keeping it until I finish my other products.

But I really see results in my hair after I use them. My hair feel so much more silky, smooth and healthier.

Shampoo:  Designed to restructure and protect the hair fiber. The hair regains strength, shine and is revitalized. Neofibirne, a unique combination of  Bio-Mimetic Ceramide shine perfecting agent and a UV filter for hair.

Directions: Apply to damp ahir & lather. Rinse thorougly. Repeat process if necessary.

Repair Serum: For damaged ends, super light, silky texture, smoothes and helps to prevent split ends, leaves hair looking and feeling more healthy.

Directions:  apply a small amount to shamppoed towel dried hair, spead evenly through lengths and ends. Do not rinse. Style as usual

Treatment: Repairs and nourishes the devitalized hair fiber. Hair is left revitalized, soft & shiny.

Directions: appy and massage into shampooed and towel-dried hair. Leave in for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thorougly.

Leave in treatment: Nourishes and immediately softens the hair fiber. Controls and protects very damaged ends. The hair becomes manageable, visibly soft and shiny.

Directions:  apply to shampooed & towel-dried haie or fully dried hair. Massage cream into the ends. Leave in and style as usual.

So theres your download on all the products. I love using all of them and can't wait to try the shampoo.


- All products really assists in repairing very damaged hair like mine. Color after color.
- Small amount goes a long way.
- Most are available locally
- See results after use.
- Leaves hair feeling soft, silky and smooth
- Serie Expert comes in a range of products good for all kinds of hair & needs
- Good for all hair types

- Leave in treatment is not available locally
- Fairly pricey - But I can definately pay for with is line.

Will I repurchase:

Yes, definately especially the leave in treatment.

These are the bomb. I love this line.

Well thats it for now. Got any questions feel free to ask :)

Chao 4 Now

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Leave in Keratin Treatments

Im sure we have all heared about this new rave of the Keratin Treatments, that usually take 2-4 hours depending on the product and the process done by the salons.

Anyway, for thoes who don't know what keratin actually is.

Keratin is an extremely strong protein which is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns, and teeth. The amino acids which combine to form keratin have several unique properties, and depending on the levels of the various amino acids, keratin can be inflexible and hard, like hooves, or soft, as is the case with skin. Most of the keratin that people interact with is actually dead; hair, skin, and nails are all formed from dead cells which the body sheds as new cells push up from underneath. If the dead cells are kept in good condition, they will serve as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new keratin below them.
Click here for more info.

So now knowing that, in relation to our hair, skin and nails, if we don't take care of them as in treating them and moisturizing them, and applying alot of heat, our hair, skin & nails will become dry, brittle and/or fizzy.

So, I wanted to share with you a product that can be found online and in salons, a leave in keratin treatment, that can be easily done at home and at the salon.

Shine Moist Ionic Keratin Treatment & Natural Deep moisture keratin treatment. Both are very similar to each other. I use both of these  personally and sell these inside my salon.

Shine Moist Ionic Keratin Treatment

It says on the packet

Scentifically formulated with Blue bond protein, Ionic Keratin Treatment injects, dry, colored, permed and frizzy hair improved intensive moisture plus softness perfectly. This provides deep penetrating moistrizing for brilliantly gloss and shine effects. Also Ionic Keratin Treatment enhanced by using professional steamer to maximize the potential for increased softness.

After shampooing, blot dry hair with towel. Apply Shine Moist Hair Treatment generously over all the hair & cover with plastic cap for 15-30 minutes with or without heat.

Natural Deep Moisture Keratin Treatment

It says on the packet

Concentrated hair mask developed with special blend of ingredients to penetrate and revitalize hair from inside & out. It deeply moisturizes the hair leaving it healty, soft, smooth & shiny.

Directions: Exactly the same as the Shine Moist Treatment.

Both these products are very similar to each other, some people like to say the natural one isn't as strong as the shine moist. It really depends on preference, I like both of them. I get about 2-3 uses out of one packet. Each packet goes for P100-150 pesos. These are good for a once a week treatment.

When I do this treatment at home, and, Im not lazy, I like to put on a shower cap and get my blowdryer and blow it over my head. This just helps because when the hair is heated the cuticals open up, making it easier for the treatment to penetrate the hair.

After rinsing out, and letting my hair dry, it feels so healty and soft. When its fully dried its not frizzy any more, and, if styled the result looks really healty & shinny.


- Makes Hair Shiny, soft, smooth and manageable
- Afforable
-2-3 uses come out of one packet

- available locally


I can't think of any!

Will I repurchase:

Of course - I always have to restock this product!
For people with damaged hair and low on budget give this product a shot!

Till Next time


I am not a trained hairdresser in anyway, I just run a salon.
This blog is purely my own thoughts and research of this product.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Have any of you ever used tea tree oil??

I have been using this product for years, since I was 13 years old and starting out with acne.

Unfortunately the way I found out about this product, I was sitting on a ant hill, and got ants in my pants, literally!! OUCH. It really hurt me, and I got red bits on my butt! So my mum immediately grabed a bottle of tea tree oil, and a Q tip, and, you can guess what she made me do next.

Anyway, aside from my little embarrassing story, I soon found out tea tree oil, worked wonders for acne! Just get a Q tip and apply right on the pimple, you should already see a decrease in appearance the next day, well I do anyway.

I absolutely love this product. I did find it difficult to find 100% tea tree oil, here in philippines, but I did find body shop has got a 15ml bottle for appx Php 600.00 and I recently found out healty options also has one for a little less in a 15ml bottle. Before, that I had to get my mum to send me over a few bottles from Australia - good ol mama!

This product is very potent, so you don't want to be washing this all over your face. Hence, the Q tip and applying it only to the irritated skin.

This product is also good to use as a anti-bacterial - which I guess thats why its good for acne. It is also good as a cleaning agent when diluted in water.

So if your having trouble with acne and you tried everything else, give this a shot, 9/10 you will see results!

Note: This product is only advised for external use! and when looking for this product look for the 100% pure tea tree oil


- great for pimple fighting action and against ant bites hehe
- good as a cleaning agent & anti-bacterial


- may not always work, but as I say 9/10 it does - thats pretty good for odds

Will I repurchase:

Definately - I been getting it for many years, why would I stop now.


The famous MAC 187 Duo Fiber brush hits this blog with a review...

I Lovvvvve this brush!!! I got it from the MAC counter in Shangri-La Plaza, for a whopping P3000.00, A bit outrageous, but I don't know what I did without this brush.

I heared so many good reviews about this brush, and prior to be a MMU user, I used a liquid foundation everyday.

Ive had this brush since May 09, and I haven't had one bad experience with it at all.

I am very lucky I had very little hair fall, maybe 3 hairs have fallen since I got the brush, since I heared a alot of these brushes have a fair amount of hairfall.

I use this brush for everything, my foundations, both liquid and my mineral foundation, blush, bronzers, shimmers. It's really multipurpose, and it really does give the airbrushed look. It makes my foundation feel so well applied and light, as compared to using a sponge.

For thoes who arn't willing to part with P3000.00 there are dupes of this brush, going for about P500 - P800, It is said its not quite the same thing, but pretty darn close, so for a saving of almost P2500, pretty close, is not a bad thing.

You can find duo fiber brushes at MOI Cosmetics going for P500

Pros :
- gives a flawless airbrushed look
- multi purpose
- Loveeeee it

Cons :

- super expensive ( but looking for that alternative visit MOI Cosmetics they are going for P500)

Will I buy again:

proberly not, this one brush should last me a very long time

So chickys, thats it for now

Lovin' Ya & Leavin Ya


Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Magic Of Nipple Covers

Don't you just hate when you come across the prefect top or dress, but you just don't have the appropriate bra to match with it, because it was backless or it just showed where it shouldn't or the top was too tight to wear a bra but just in case it got cold, you know..

Have you given a try to silicon nipple covers?

These lil bad boys are the way to go. They are available in variety of stores that sell under garments, in a range of colors, patterns and shapes. I got mine at divisoria for P100.00, just to give them a try.

top of the nipple cover

the back of the nipple cover with the protective plastic

They come in a little box, in a plastic case and a plastic backing to stop dirt from sticking to the back.

To put them on you just need to clean the area you will be applying the nipple covers to, and then remove the plastic backing, and apply to the nipple area.

the nipple cover without plastic cover

Obviously, I won't be posting an image of this, because thats just inappropriate. But they just stick into place and put on your flashy dress or top, and your good to go. No more bra outlines in that perfect dress or straps hanging out where they shouldn't show.

And if your not comfortable using nipple covers, you can also try the silicon bra, that just sticks into place.

Simple to use
Re-usable as long as its kept clean
Must have for all girls

Need to keep clean if want to re use.

Will I repurchase: Yes

Note: after use wash off excess dirt with warm water and place back in plastic case, ready to use again.

So there you have it, the beauty of nipple covers. If you haven't got them, do get them
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