Saturday, November 14, 2009

Review: Magic Wand

Yey! I got my magic wand. I just saw a few reviews on this, and it was for sale for P250.00 I had to get my hands on this weird looking thing.

I got mine from took a 2-3 days and I already had it in my hands.

I've been trying this little nifty product out for the last few weeks, and, it's not a bad werid looking device. Its pretty much made up of a spring and two handles. And the way it works is alot like threading but with a spring. And when you twist the sping all over your hairs it plucks them out.


Step 1: Bend the want into an inverted U

Step 2: Relax and place the wand firmly on your face
Step 3: Roll handles inward and outward

Step 4: Watch your unwanted hair disappear.

- Make sure your face washed and clean
- Make sure your face isn't oily or wet
- To make it easier for the hair to come off - push your tounge against problem area

- Use wand as you see any regrowth
- practice makes perfect

Keeping it clean:

Like ourselves, we must also make sure the tools we use are always clean.

- Bend the want into a U and tap out the plucked hair
- Wet a tissue with alcohol and wipe the want with it or rinse wand under warm water
- Let dry completely before using again.

Personal Thoughts:

This is a cute little product, that helps with removing undwanted hair all over your face. You know all thoes hidden hairs you can't notice on your face but they are there! This gets them out. Around the lips, chin, cheeks, forehead etc. Unfortunately it's no good to remove hair around eyebrows, because its just too big for that.

When you actually first try this product, you will be able to hear and feel the hair plucking out of your face. Its a easy product to keep in your handbag, when you just notice this patch of hair. Its not loud like an epilator and doesn't need a battery to be operated.

It didn't really hurt me when I used it, but others may feel different about it.

- Pulls out unwanted hair from face area
- not noisy
- small
- doesn't need batteries to operate
- can fit in your hand bag
- Affordable

- Cant pull out unwanted eyebrow hairs


I think this product is cute and handy. Not necessary. Although its similar to being threaded all over your face. One area will normally cost you Php 100.00,  So technically you will only get 2 1/2 treating sessions out of this one wand, iyou can get this wand, and fix up yourself quickly before you head out the door.

You will only find this product useful if you have unwanted hairs around your face such as your upper lips, otherwise this is proberly not for you.

So thats it for now.

Have any of you got to try this product? And do you like it?


  1. how long does it take when the hair grows back?

  2. for me personally it lasts one week


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