Monday, November 23, 2009

Ellana Haul

Ellana has come out with a few new products, and I just had to give these babies a whirl.

These are the few items I have just got,

Ellana Lip Tint  - Lovestruck & Infatuation
Ellana Stick Concealer - Alive & Refresh
Ellana Bronzer - Light Roast

nude lips - nothing applied

lovestruck on top lip & infatuation on lower lip

These lip tints used to be refered to the lip color that came in little tubs. However, now they come in the little tubes for the same price. However, I think these tints give off much more color compared to the lip colors.

When first applied - they go on so smooth and creamy, you don't need to apply alot at all. And for about the first 5-10 minutes you feel a fresh tingly feeling that I like to refer to as "sensation".

Unfortunately, the tints don't stay on for very long, they are very nice, and I am looking forward to trying some more shades. And wondering how long 1 tube will last me.

So we will see how well it goes.

left is refresh - a salmon toned concealer right is alive - a yellow toned concealer

top is alive;  bottom is refresh

So here is a very new product, where Ellana has annonced their first stick concealer formular, with tea tree oil.

They are very creamy when I swatched them. I think the refresh shade is proberly better for me as you can see in the swatch. But for most asian people, you will more than likely find that alive would work much better on your skin tone, but everyone is different.

So anyway I am very excited to see how well these concealers work under my eyes and on my belmishes. These go for Php 250.00 each.

And last but not least ellana has come out with two new shades of matte blushes, I got the light roast, the lighter of the two. Will let you know how I go with this shade.


  1. "sensations" huh sis :P

    i love the pink of lovestruck :D


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