Sunday, November 22, 2009

Review: Bent Liner Brush

I finally got my little hands on this well raved bent liner brush.

I just always having trouble lining my upper lids, let alone winging it out. My brush was always sitting in the view of my eyes. Super frustrating, So I just knew I needed to get my hands on one of these brushes, without costing me a arm and a leg.

Unfortunately, not many sellers have a bent liner brush here in Philippines. So I started to research for places here in Philippines and hesitantly internationally.Then I stumbled across a website – saying Beauty & Minerals have a bent liner brush. Im not sure how much it is by itself but I got mine 2 for Php 500.00 so it worked out to be P250.00 each.

hehe yay I got the brush - but its got thoes weird lumps on the side - hope it just doesnt get worse.

I was super excited to finally have a bent liner in my hands, and, get the liner the way I finally want it to look, because my hand isn’t in my view.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect because they haven’t posted any pictures of it, on their website, But Ms Sophie, described it to be just like the Smashbox Bent Liner Brush. So, I guess why not.

I was so happy to finally have this brush in my possession. I have used it twice, once with a cream and once with liquid liner. Both work well, and I find it so much easier to apply my liner on my upper lids, compared with my straight liner or angled liner brush.

Although, admittedly I must work on my technique on my winged out liner. But with practice I will get better.


- Got a decent sized handle to ensure your hand does not get in the way

- The brush is narrow

- Affordable

- Available locally

- Easy to use


- Not the biggest fan of pink ( but that’s nothing to be fussy about when you got this brush.


I am happy I got this brush, How it will serve in the future will yet have to be seen. So I will update you on how I go with my winged liner technique goes, and, hopefully this brush will help me do it.


  1. good luck sis! :D
    i've been searching for a bent liner for the past weeks too :P

  2. we now have available at for only P100 a piece or with gel liners its P400


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