Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Magic Of Nipple Covers

Don't you just hate when you come across the prefect top or dress, but you just don't have the appropriate bra to match with it, because it was backless or it just showed where it shouldn't or the top was too tight to wear a bra but just in case it got cold, you know..

Have you given a try to silicon nipple covers?

These lil bad boys are the way to go. They are available in variety of stores that sell under garments, in a range of colors, patterns and shapes. I got mine at divisoria for P100.00, just to give them a try.

top of the nipple cover

the back of the nipple cover with the protective plastic

They come in a little box, in a plastic case and a plastic backing to stop dirt from sticking to the back.

To put them on you just need to clean the area you will be applying the nipple covers to, and then remove the plastic backing, and apply to the nipple area.

the nipple cover without plastic cover

Obviously, I won't be posting an image of this, because thats just inappropriate. But they just stick into place and put on your flashy dress or top, and your good to go. No more bra outlines in that perfect dress or straps hanging out where they shouldn't show.

And if your not comfortable using nipple covers, you can also try the silicon bra, that just sticks into place.

Simple to use
Re-usable as long as its kept clean
Must have for all girls

Need to keep clean if want to re use.

Will I repurchase: Yes

Note: after use wash off excess dirt with warm water and place back in plastic case, ready to use again.

So there you have it, the beauty of nipple covers. If you haven't got them, do get them

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  1. haha

    ive never seen one in person.
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