Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dry Skin problems??? All creams, serums and faces masks just don't seem to cut it? Well here is something that you might not have tried, and what is wonderful about this face scrub is that anyone can just whip it up in their kitchen in no time.

This home made scrub has been around for a very long time.

All you need is:

2 or 3 Tablespoons - Extra Virgin Olive Oil ( It needs to be extra virgin)
1/2 cup                 - Sugar ( not artificial sweeteners) 
2 Tablespoons       - Honey (not maple syrup)
1                         - Mixing Stick
1                         - Small Container w/Lid


 Add 2 or 3 tbsp of olive oil

add 2 tbsp of honey 

add 1/2 of sugar 

mix everything together

Put the extra virgin olive oil, honey and sugar into the container, then mix together. 

This is the finished product.

How to apply:

First ensure your face is clean and makeup free. 

Use a spatula and get a small amount, about the size of the tip of your pinky should be enough for your entire face, and scrub into your face for 60 seconds, then rinse off.

You should instantly feel your face feel smooth and moisturized.

If you feel you need more moisture, continue and apply your moisturizer. 


Do not store this scrub in the fridge, because the mixture will harden up and become hard to use.
You can store it in your pantry, with the lid tightly closed to prevent ants from getting into it. It should not go bad for at least a month.

Fun Facts:
-      Olive Oil does not clog up your pores, although it does contain vitamin E, which you will find in a lot of your creams and serums, this is what keeps our looking healthy and moisturized. What’s also wonderful about olive oil is that if you ever run out of makeup remover, olive oil is another great option.

Personal Opinion:

I discovered this scrub watching one of my favorite makeup guru's Michelle Phan on youtube.
I have tried this scrub. The inital smell of this scrub is not pleasant. But once applied you can not smell it any more. After finishing applying and rinsing off, I feel my skin instantly smooth and clear from any flaking and dry skin. 

I really suggest if you can't find something to assist your dry skin problems in 
creams and serums, or you just want to save some money. This is definitely a great alternative.

Keep Aspiring!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


summer new

SUMMER IS NOW HERE, the heat is now hitting us, packing away those winter clothes, buying our new summer dresses, flip flops, bikini's and refreshing our entire looks with bright new blues, greens, golds and so on.

So here is your chance to get a great new set of cosmetics that will help you refresh that whole look of yours.

It is time to whip out those makeup brushes and some of those colors you barely use and create something fresh and exciting and have a chance to 
WIN Php 2700.00 worth of MOI Cosmetics.
All you have to do is click on the image above to go to the mechanics, email your entries to  

Here are the details below 


You can create any look that you would wear out this summer. Use as many colors as your heart desires. Just make sure that
it would be something you would wear out. It does not have to be over the top, simple also stands out.


By this we mean super over the top. This is for your creative side, allow your imagination to go wild, and create anything.

You may join either category or even both, To increase your chances on winning. Although please note that you can not win both major prizes, Lets be fair on everyone.

2 x MAJOR PRIZES include

1x 20 piece brush set w/pouch
1x MOI Cosmetics 88 warm palette
1x MOI Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow ( your choice of color, depending on availability)
1x MOI Cosmetics sample size cosmetic glitter (You choice of color, depending on availability)
1x Makeup Headband
1x Collagen Face Mask

WORTH : Php 2700.00

Additional items may be included depending on the progress of the competition.



All you need to do in order to be eligible to participate is to follow the mechanics.

So have fun girls and guys.

Till next time.


As you my fellow readers and bloggers, will now be aware of my constant search for a answer to my acne problems without spending all my money.
I believe I have now found my answer.

I have stumbled across the SOS (Save Our Skin) Solution treatment. It is available in your local Watson’s pharmacy for only P100.00.  It contains Clindamycin Phosphate, 1%  Tropical solution with Vitamin E.

It says on the bottle:
Clindamycin 1% Tropical Solution with vitamin E is a tropical antibiotic which contains an antioxidant use in the treatment of acne vulgans. The combination of antibiotic and Vitamin E’s natural skin repairing  substance is an innovation that can prevent, heal acne as well as acne lesions and scarring.

I am very weary of what I put on my skin, since lately certain products have been making me break out more than ever.  Although I have been using this product for just about a week now and I have seen a big improvement in my skin and the reduction of acne and scarring.

I really love this product and I will continue to use this product to treat my acne issues.

Wash affected area gently with soap and water.  You may use warm, moist compress to open the clogged pores. Shake SOS roll on and apply topically by gently  rolling SOS on the affected area. When applying  around the face, avoid the eye area. Use SOS once or twice a day depending on the severity. To fully enjoy the benefits of SOS, it is recommended to use up to 12 weeks for  total healing.

The roll-on type of bottle makes it easy to apply to the face without wasting a lot of product, although this is a treatment that you would not want to share with anyone, just for the hygiene reason.
I personally apply this solution twice a day once before I sleep and before I go out for the day.
Available Locally
Easy to use

Not hygienic

Overall rating:
I give this product a 4.5 out of 5 I really love this product, although for the hygiene reason I less the .5
So if you simply cant find anything else that works for you, try this SOS Tropical Solution.

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