Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Have any of you ever used tea tree oil??

I have been using this product for years, since I was 13 years old and starting out with acne.

Unfortunately the way I found out about this product, I was sitting on a ant hill, and got ants in my pants, literally!! OUCH. It really hurt me, and I got red bits on my butt! So my mum immediately grabed a bottle of tea tree oil, and a Q tip, and, you can guess what she made me do next.

Anyway, aside from my little embarrassing story, I soon found out tea tree oil, worked wonders for acne! Just get a Q tip and apply right on the pimple, you should already see a decrease in appearance the next day, well I do anyway.

I absolutely love this product. I did find it difficult to find 100% tea tree oil, here in philippines, but I did find body shop has got a 15ml bottle for appx Php 600.00 and I recently found out healty options also has one for a little less in a 15ml bottle. Before, that I had to get my mum to send me over a few bottles from Australia - good ol mama!

This product is very potent, so you don't want to be washing this all over your face. Hence, the Q tip and applying it only to the irritated skin.

This product is also good to use as a anti-bacterial - which I guess thats why its good for acne. It is also good as a cleaning agent when diluted in water.

So if your having trouble with acne and you tried everything else, give this a shot, 9/10 you will see results!

Note: This product is only advised for external use! and when looking for this product look for the 100% pure tea tree oil


- great for pimple fighting action and against ant bites hehe
- good as a cleaning agent & anti-bacterial


- may not always work, but as I say 9/10 it does - thats pretty good for odds

Will I repurchase:

Definately - I been getting it for many years, why would I stop now.


  1. Mild to moderate acne is difficult to control and so it is recommended to use acne skin care treatment in order to prevent further outbreak and heal the blemishes caused by it.

  2. i don't know my acne (then) was moderate or mild, but i basically had 4-5 spots on each cheek. red meaty spots, yes. what got me through that painful experience was kalamansi, our good old philippine lemon. every night, after washing my face (even if i didn't wear any makeup -- i stopped putting ANYTHING since the acne occured), i slice up one lemon, squeeze just a half of it into a clean container, take a cotton bud and take the juice into each spot. about 3 months of this routine and my acne cleared up. hope this helps :)

  3. oh wow yeah i might just try that once i finish what i am on now. I find that now I just minimize the products I am using use a cleanser for sensitive skin and a good face brush to really get out the dirt. thats been helping me clear up my skin quickly.


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