Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The famous MAC 187 Duo Fiber brush hits this blog with a review...

I Lovvvvve this brush!!! I got it from the MAC counter in Shangri-La Plaza, for a whopping P3000.00, A bit outrageous, but I don't know what I did without this brush.

I heared so many good reviews about this brush, and prior to be a MMU user, I used a liquid foundation everyday.

Ive had this brush since May 09, and I haven't had one bad experience with it at all.

I am very lucky I had very little hair fall, maybe 3 hairs have fallen since I got the brush, since I heared a alot of these brushes have a fair amount of hairfall.

I use this brush for everything, my foundations, both liquid and my mineral foundation, blush, bronzers, shimmers. It's really multipurpose, and it really does give the airbrushed look. It makes my foundation feel so well applied and light, as compared to using a sponge.

For thoes who arn't willing to part with P3000.00 there are dupes of this brush, going for about P500 - P800, It is said its not quite the same thing, but pretty darn close, so for a saving of almost P2500, pretty close, is not a bad thing.

You can find duo fiber brushes at MOI Cosmetics going for P500

Pros :
- gives a flawless airbrushed look
- multi purpose
- Loveeeee it

Cons :

- super expensive ( but looking for that alternative visit MOI Cosmetics they are going for P500)

Will I buy again:

proberly not, this one brush should last me a very long time

So chickys, thats it for now

Lovin' Ya & Leavin Ya


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