Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prestige Total Intensity Liners

Long Lasting
Smudge Proof
Water Proof

All in one eyeliner - what more could you ask for.

When I was on a mission to find the prefect kohl eyeliner, I came past the Prestige Total Intensity Liners, they claimed to be long lasting, smudge proof and water proof. I thought - geez I gotta try some of these. So I grabbed thoes testers and started drawing them on my hand. And the color pay off was AMAZING. So vivid and so intense. Then I had to try the smudge proof part, and I didnt wait long to wipe it, it barely budged!

At smudge proof I was already sold. But I had to give the waterproof side a whirl. So I got a bit of my saliva! haha I know disgusting but I just had to try. It again slightly faded, but only a bit! So I was so ready to get them and check out. But what colors to choose. I ended up walking out with deepest black, strong slate and bold brown, at $14 aud a pop. But to not look like a racoon, I thought it was worth it, as I seen and used worse for $10 aud.

As I arrived back in Philippines, I found out I left them back in Australia, man was I cranky with myself. And I had no idea where to get them. Argh... And I found my friend Shrilina who imports american cosmetics to Philippines, was accepting orders from Prestige. I was happy again.

I ended up ordering the deepest black, strong slate (grey) and intense olive at PHP480.00 . I just recieved them last Monday. The long wait was over and I can finally get to use the liners.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the beauty bars also sell prestige cosmetics, and the liners for PHP 250- 300.00, but on the plus side, they didn't sell the total intensity liners.

first swipe

after being rubbed really hard, lol i didnt let it dry, i tested it a 2nd time it wasn as smudgy as this.

after being wipped with water... not to bad for not being dry.

* Smudge proof
* water proof
* can get prestige cosmetics at the beauty bar
*available in a varity of colors

*good color pay off


Cant think of any !

Get your hands on some of these ! They're great

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Gorgeous QIV 4.0

Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my experience with my Gorgeous Hair Iron, Ive had my Iron for over 1 year now. And its just great. It gives beautiful results to my hair. It comes out so sleek and smooth. It heats up in just seconds. But because in the past there were problems with the GHD Hair Iron, with zapping people. They made it ZAP Proof, or something along thoes lines, as the sales attendant told me. And if you were to ever get "zapped" within two years they would replace it on the spot. 

comes in this great well presented box and a heat proof case

 Authenticity Sticker

Just to give you all a little bit of history of the GHD and Gorgeous Hair Irons. GHD has been around for a very long time and it was the BOMB! the absolute best when it comes to hair irons, with a very nice price tag of AUD 400.00 appx, and according to the sales attendant and a bit of research I have done in the past. It comes that the creators of GHD Irons, there were 3 of them, and for some reason they had a dispute and split up. And one of the guys went out and made the Gorgeous Hair Iron. But dont be fooled also there is already a dupe of the gorgeous Iron, its called Be Gorgeous, so just don't get the two confused with each other.

I got my Gorgeous Iron at GlamaCo for AUD 200.00 appx maybe just a bit less. I got a 50% discount on it, because I had a trade card, otherwise they were going for just over AUD 300.00. And it came with a 2 year replacement warranty, compared to the GHD with only one year repair warranty at double the price. So I thought what the heck, and I got the girl to test both of them on my hair at the same time. The results were exactly the same, and to this day it still is, because everytime I go back to the land down under, my sister has a GHD Iron, and I always still test it out. Still just as good as each other. 

Although, I did notice just last August, my Iron wasn't getting as hot as it used to when I first got it, so I took it back to GlamaCo, no questions asked they changed it over! YIPPEE, and still no complaints, best iron I ever invested in.

This iron also has what you call floating plates, so when you twist your iron, it follows around to make better curls. And have you also noticed hair irons, when you press the two plates together they don't quite clamp each other properly, and your hair just isn't giving you the straight hair you want, well with floating plates, the plates always clamp together, there is never a gap between the two, which gives better results when ironing your hair.

So anyway, my hair is wavy, and today I wanted to have straight hair, so I straightened it with my gorgeous iron, so you can see how nice the results are.


after - nice straight, sleek and shinny

PPS Heat Protector

TIP: When styling your hair with a hair iron, curling iron or blowdryer, prior to doing so, make sure you use a heat protector so your hair doesn't get so damaged. I used my PPS Heat Protector. You can get any heat protector at hair salons or your local grocery store and department store. So invest in one, its well worth it.

* Its cheaper than the GHD Iron
* Its easy to use
* results are smooth and straight
* creates good curls - so multipurpose

* it has cute dimonties ( If any ever fall out the sellers fix that how awesome - its apparantly covered in the warranty)
* It comes both in black & pink
* 2 year replacement warranty

* Not available locally in the Philippines ( but can be purchased online on ebay)
* It isn't affordable to everyone - but consider it lasts a long time so in the long run its actually cheaper.

And thats It. So feel free to ask if you have any more questions about it.

Chao 4 Now

Mwah Love ya!


Friday, October 23, 2009


Do you want to give yourself that big hair? Without having to use so much hairspray to keep it in place? Or just can't stand the smell of hairspray?

You have to try this, Clay Powder by Lonishair. I love it, and use it to give my hair that extra umph it needs. It stays all day, no need for all that toxic hairspray anymore. You just pour out some of this fine powder onto your hair, where you want to create the volume, and tease it. Sometimes I use my teasing brush, or when im lazy I just scratch it into place, it works.

I got this from Australia in GlamaCo, for $20aud 2 for 1 deal. So I had to grab it,I just don't know where to buy it in Philippines at that price, and I'm not exactly sure where to buy here either. Although, I have seen them occassionally on ebay.

I first got introduced to this product from my sister and my mum, who were using Schwarzkopf Dust It Powder. Its just a bit more expensive than the Lonis Hair, but they didn't have the 2 for 1 deal so I went with Lonishair. The difference between the two is, that Schwarkopf is a little more course, and I find it makes my hair feel like rubber when applied. But still works as good as each other. It just really depends on preference.

The powder is so fine, that when you pick up the bottle, it feels empty, but don't be fooled, there is alot of product inside. You only need a little bit to get results, but the more, the bigger the hair.

I tried to takes some photos so you can see the difference, but failed, the photos just don't do justice, so at a later date I will update this blog with some before and after pictures, of the magical abilities of this great clay powder.

If any of you tried anything to make your hair big, and its a good product, let me know, Im always trying to keep my eyes out, as I just dont like my fine hair.

Time for me to head out, blog ya laterz



Sunday, October 18, 2009


They finally arrived, the 180 Pro Palette & 88 Warm Palette! They're so cool, and look much better in real life, than in the pictures that you find on the internet. I really cant wait to try some looks with these palettes.

These pictures just quite don't do the justice for these palettes, but it's close enough.

The 180 palette has obviously 180 colors, mixed with shimmer, matte, marble and satin colors. If 120 palette or the 88 color palette just isn't enough for you, the 180 is.  Very pigmented and a little goes a long way. The only bad thing is, its a huge palette. So its not very portable, but for 180  colors I think I come to terms with the size, for the amount of colors it provides.

The 88 Warm, is the same size as the 88 color and 88 palette, but just purely made of neutral shades. Its perfect for the people who just like neutral looks and smokey eyes. Its beautiful for thoes wedding looks. Its very similar to the 28 neutral palette, however, the 88 palette lacks in the amount of color and size of each pot, makes up in the variety of colors, in whites, silvers, golds, peaches, beige, browns, plumbs and blacks.

Im so excited to try a look with these palettes. Its been so long and still waiting to finish moving into my new place, just everything so delayed. And im just bursting to try these palettes out. So will post up some swatches when I have time :)


Chao 4 Now

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you got to try the ever famous eyeshadow makeup palettes?

I did, and I want to share my thougts with you all. Especially if your thinking about purchasing them.

Please also note, I do sell these palettes, but I am trying to keep my thoughts on the palettes purely unbias and based only on what I think about them, and Im not trying to sell it to you at all.

So anyway, I got these three palettes first, from a girl named Anne. I initally found out about these palettes, because I was looking for options and really because I wanted it for my wedding. I was so keen to get the 88 shimmer, then she advised to get the matte one, as its easier to create a everyday look with this palette. So I immediately said, bring both, I had to see them. So I went to see her, she forgot to bring one of them. She only brought the 88 matte palette. So we set a 2nd date and then she started advising the 28 palette, as its much nicer for wedding looks. So knowing me, I said bring them both and i'll decide. On the day of our meeting, I just decided to go with all 3, I couldn't help myself. And, I knew the colors were so pigmented, and a little goes such a long way, and I wouldn't need to repurchase for such a long time. Also, because I work in a salon, it would come to use at some time.

So, since I bought them late january 2009, its still barely indinted in my eyeshadow pots. I still have not regretted getting them. I love them so much, I even got one for my sister whos doing a beauty course, and one for my mother. Both of them also love them.

I use my 88 matte palette on a daily basis, and the other two every now and then, but the color pay off is great, Ive created both simple and outrageous looks. Ill have to post them up, when I have my pictures all together. 

As of the research I did before I started selling these palettes, These palettes, these are manufactured in Hong Kong, China. As you find majority of your cosmetics manufactured in China, and sold by many well known companies, that place their logo on it. These are not replica of MAC Cosmetics, but are good dupes of MAC eyeshadow pots, which goes for P800.00 a pop, when you can get these 88 palettes ranging from $15 US - $ 30 US, or in pesos from PHP800.00 to PHP1500.00  depending on what you order. Even the big company Coastal Scents, import these palettes from Hong Kong, they are just a distributor of these makeups.

So my thoughts when I purchased these palettes, I thought this was a great bargain, so many colors at an affordable price. What can go wrong. I am also getting my hands on the 88 warm, 180 palette and the 10 pc concealer palette. So, when I get to try them, Ill let you know what I think.  Ill also post up some pictures of the looks created and some swatches. So keep an eye out for them.

So, I hope this helps out decide if you want to get any of these range of products, Im sure, no matter where you purchase them from you will enjoy it very much. Especially for thoes makeup artists or people who want to start their eyeshadow collection without making your pockets too light, this is a great option for you.

Chao for now lovies...


Friday, October 9, 2009



MY BYS (Be Yourself) HAUL! As some of you may know, I recently left to go to Australia to get married to my only one!!! Because thats where all our family is.
And because my sister is a student in a beauty course, she knew about different products for really good prices. I told her one day, I needed a white eyeshadow, because unforunately the one in my 88 color palette just wasnt pigmented enough for me. She told me about BYS, that you can get this BYS Eyeshadow for $2 AUD. which is what, PHP80.00 give and take, whatever the exchange rate is that. I said to myself, I gotta get my hands on these, what do I have to loose. So there you have it, I went all out! and got all of the below items, and proberbly a few more, I just cant find them! haha...

These are the single eyeshadows going for $2 - 4 AUD, depending on where you buy them, you can also buy small cases for your pots! I got the boring one, but there is some funky colorful ones, I will be getting my hands on them on my next trip back home. YAY. Anyway they have these pots available in powder, matte, shimmer, fluro and cream! WOW !!! I couldn't help myself, the more I got, I still wanted more again.

Here are some swatches of the colors I got!!! SOOO pigmented!!!! Last really good amount of time! And a little goes a long way. I think the picture tells it all.

The ingredients in these eyeshadows are:Magnesium, stearate, talc, mica iso-propyl myristate, butylate, hydroxy, antsole, propyl paraben, parafin, oil, metheyl, paraben.
These eyeshadows come in all colors available!!!! And so affordable.

This is another product i got from BYS Selection. The 5 piece palette #5 in black steel. Colors in White, light grey, dark grey , matte black and shimmer black. This palette is perfect for smokey eye looks. The colors are so pigmented, and again a little goes a long way. There are many versions of this palette in different colors, this palette is also somewhat similar to the revlon 5pc palettes, just without the pricetag.

Here are the swatches of the 5 pc palette, all in order. Can you see how bright they are and they are all without any primer or base.

This is another palette I picked up in a random store. I can't remember the price I got it for, but it was really cheap. Its called the BYS Eye Creme Splat Palette, Obviously you can see by the pictures the colors look all splattered. They are cream based, and, come out with unique colors, because of the different blends of colors inside them. They would be good eyeshadow bases and even just an eyeshadow on its own.

Here are all the swatches of the Creme Splat Palette, all very bright, all very shimmery. Good color pay off. Not a bad buy for the price that its at.
Anyway, thats it for my haul, sorry if I missed out on any items, I will do some looks in the future using these products, very cheap and great pay off! They arn't replicas of anything, this BYS is its own brand! With its own product. If you get a chance to try some try them!
I might bring some in from Australia in December to share with you all. If you like. Just let me know.

I am not paid to do this review, This is purely my own opinion of this product
to share with you all!

If any of you got to try this product let me know what you think. I would like to know. :)

Thats it for now chickys! PEACE .... MWAHHH

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Bucket List

Have any of you watched the Bucket List? The movie with the stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It's a really good movie.

For thoes who haven't watched it, I'll give you a quick rundown. Its about two guys who are sick and dieing, and one of these guys made himself a list, a list of things to do before he dies. So the two of them together set out to fulfill these "dreams" and make it reality. Of course it has much more depth than that, but as I said it's just a quick rundown.

Anyway back to the point of this blog, this morning I got to thinking about the things I always wanted to do, and my very own bucket list, and how many of these things I have fulfilled.

So here are the very few things I have done

1. I run a business - which is totally insane! I love it, even though the stress is overwhelming at times, it such a wonderful life experience.
2. I got a tattoo - but i think I dont want to count it, because it was a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo that totally sucked!!!!!! its almost faded! So yeah..
3. I live in another country - In a place that I dont really understand it, learning a new culture, learning a new language.
4. I got married. :) just last month. Although It wasnt in a waterfall, in my bikini and roses petals everywhere. It was the next best thing. In a garden - and on the plus side there is always future anniversarys to do that hay.

So yea thats all I have fulfilled off my list so far, except the tattoo one, I want to get a proper tattoo.. I have the obvious things people put on their lists, fly a jet, sky dive, swim with sharks, and get in that freaky haunted house, and thoes little more private things, that I won't post up here. I just made this list, even though im not sick, dieing or anything, I made it because I want a mission in life, something that will make me feel like I done something worthy :) something that makes me happy. Don't think im a sad person for having this list, so much happens in life, and, how can you know when your time comes, but what can you do but at least attempt to make your dreams come true.

So thats it for now. I want to know if any of you guys have done anything like this, do you have your own bucket list? have you fulfilled any of your dreams? Let me know.


Chao for Now!

Monday, October 5, 2009


My thoughts on the MAD MINERALS Indelible Cream Eyeshadows

I saw these eyeshadows reviewed on, while I was looking for reviews on the
ever famous MAC Paint Pots. I was just curious to what was all the fuss was about. And to what I found, they were these great new creation of cream eyeshadows, wonderful as a eyeshadow base and crease proof, in many colors. Oh so, did I want them. So I searched and searched for
the cheapest way to get these in my possession. Unfortunately I just couldn't find any, until one day I stumbled across this review on the MAD Minerals Indelible cream eyeshadows, apparently the next to the best dupe for the MAC Paint Pots. And for what it lacks in size it makes up in affordability.

MAD Minerals description of the indelible cream eyeshadows :

Blendable, beautiful - this do-it-all shadow lines, shades and contours your eyes with a lovely,
crease-proof, smudge proof, water proof formula. Mix and Match or go as sheer or as dramatic, as you like with layerable, buildable color. The super innovative, super luminous cream features a breakthrough in color technology utilizing mirco- sheer pigments coated with cutting edge polymers - the secret to this never before wear so the captivating color won't disappear until you say so.

In a 3 gram jar.

So I checked it out and I just had to get my hands on these. I got them for PHP700.00 each, so much easier on my pocket. And I must say they are pretty true to what they claim to be.

They don't crease, they don't smudge, well not alot anyway. Which is pretty darn good. Great

as a eyeshadow and as a eyeshadow base. As for the waterproof aspect, I tried some swatches earlier, for all of you to see. When I went to wash the swatches off, the ones with the MAD mineral base, just would not budge, I had to scrub really hard, and it still left residue. So its pretty good for that aspect too.

I got the following cream eyeshadows

Apricot Frost - peachy color - close to MAC Rubenesque
Bare Necessity - nude color - close to MAC Painterly
Bronze Frost - shimmer bronze color- close to MAC Indianwood
Carbon - shimmering black - close to MAC Blackground


After being rubbed off with my finger.

After being washed with water - swatches with cream base is still in good condition.

I use the carbon as my eyeliner sometimes, I apply just like any cream liner, and I must say
it lasts better than some other liners I own. I just set it with a black eyeshadow, and its good to go all day long. So I guess thats it for my personal opinion.

Summary of PROS & CONS

Water proof
Smudge proof
Crease proof
Fairly affordable
filled all the way to the top of the jar.
A little goes a long way
Good as a liner, eyeshadow & base


Not available locally
It's fairly pricey for some people, but affordable who want
to try a good dupe for MAC Paint Pots.

And to add YES I would repurchase these again! I am eyeing down the
fanthom color!
Anyway if you tried it, or heared of it, let me know your thoughts.

I am also making it available to purchase for a short time, just to open that door of opportunity
for thoes who would also like to try this wonderful product!


I am not paid to make this review, this is purely my own opinion and my own
experience of using this product.

Anyway chickys enjoy!

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