Saturday, November 14, 2009

Friday the 13th - How did you celebrate.

Talk about me being out of the loop, I had no idea it was Friday the 13th, and, truth be told, I didn't even realize it was something to be celebrated

But nonetheless, it ended up being a great night out! YAY!

It all started because we were actually waiting all morning for engineer and his workers to come back to the unit to finish the leaking bathroom! And guess what?! He wasn't going to come! Hubby and I was so annoyed, because he didn't even bother to call or text to tell us that he wasn't coming until we did! So inconsiderate! Argh, so anyway we decided we have to do something instead of waste the day away. So we tossed up some ideas and chose to go to MOA.

In my process of getting dressed I saw my hooters singlet I got from Australia, and, I was telling hubby I wish I had the guts to wear this out. He ended up convincing me to wear it and we would hit the hooters restraunt in MOA. I was so embarressed, But maybe the girls would give me a staff discount. Hehe gettin my hopes high!

So little did we realize it was friday the 13th, and, the traffic was INSANE! bumper to bumper all the way. But we finally got there, but it was to early for dinner, so we went inside the mall, and, counted the people who was shocked by my singlet, We got to 70 ppl and then lost intrest! haha, small things that amuse us! So we got to hooters, and, boring the girls didn't even say anything, the life wasnt there at all. Even when they were dancing on the tables wheres the enthusiasm! The most enteratining thing I found was the guy behind us getting pissed of at the waitress and the manager because it took 15 minutes for a beer! Thats no good.

Anyway, as for the food, I got chicken quasidelias - MMMM Yummy, and hubby got a chicken burger - which unfortunately not up to what we expected especially for the price. You get much more from Chilis, TGIF etc. But, overall I would give hooters a 5/10.

the batman guy at TGIF

So as we finished there, we heared on the radio MAGIC 89.9 was going to be at Fort Bonifacio at TGIF where a few bands would be playing. So we figured maybe we can go there to have a few drinks. So glad we did. There was 3 bands playing; river maya; grey stout/gracedout eee.. couldn't clearly hear what Susie and Mia announced over the mic and one more and yet again couldn't hear the name being announced - my apologies If anyone knows please correct me. But they were all awesome, I loved the music and the atmosphere, even if the crowd was tough it ended up really good. With free shoots of Jagermister! If you don't like licorice, Im not sure you will like this drink, actually I don't like it myself, but it was free!

Whilst im on the topic, have you heared of a drink called a Jager Bomb! Its a shot of Jagermister and a glass of redbull, and you drop your shot in the redbull and you have to scull it! It tastes YUCK! but its fun! So hubby, didn't think anyone knew what this drink was, So we made a bet, If I won I would get my revlon lipgloss in pink afterglow I have been lemming for a while, If he won I would give him a little present!

In the end I won! Yippee and today I got my lipgloss! But I think Ill give my hubby his little present for being such a good sport! 

Oh yeah and did I forget to mention my hubby was so sweet he won me the New Moon soundtrack !! aww...sweetness

So anyway, that was my first celebrated friday the 13th as a hooters chick! hehe

What did you all do?


  1. i didn't do much on Friday the 13th... just went to the airport (drove my aunt there), came back home and slept. :)

    great to hear you had fun~! ;D

  2. really do u drive - haha i want too but im so scared too here


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