Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Review: Face Cleansing Exfoliator

Just the other day I picked up this unqiue little piece at a P85.00 store at Robinsons Galleria, while waiting for a meeting.

I can't remember the name of this shop was, It started with a S, and eveything inside the store was Php 85.00, some pieces worth it and some seemed a little over priced for Php 85.00. But I just came across this facial cleansing exfoliator silicone type brush and I though for Php 85.00 whats the loss.

Im sure we are all aware of the importance of exfoliating your face on a regular basis, is important part of making sure your face is clear of excess dirt and dead skin cells, and allowing the skin to become smooth and glowing.

And because recently im having a problem with random zits appearing, Im trying to do everything to make my face clear and smooth once again.

So, when you first take out the little scrubber, its got these several silicone bristles (if you can call them that), and there is a little part at the back where you slide your index finger and your middle finger on each side so you can hold it into place to scrub all over your face. The inital smell of the brush is not at all pleasant, but give it a quick wash under water, and its all gone.

How to use
1. First apply your face cleanser of choice
2. Get hold of your brush
3. Then start to scrub your cleanser into your face, in a circular motion

4. Once finished wash your face and scrubber
5. Dry your face - and the result your face should be all smooth.

nice and smooth

I have used this brush for the last 3 days every morning and night, It has been sucessful in making my face smooth, but as for assisting in reducing acne, not so well. But will let you know after a few weeks.

Anyway once again that will be all for now, and
until next time - :)

What do you use to exfoliate your face? Does it work well? And does it help with reducing acne?


  1. hi sis.. the store you're referring to is "Saizen".

  2. ah yes thats the name - I am looking forward to hitting that place again

  3. ahhhh! sis! i wanna go there too! haven't been there yet and there's lots to buy :P


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