Friday, November 20, 2009


Go from Frizzy to manageable and straight

Hey girls & guys,

Want that perfectly straight hair! But you just can't afford it?

Well here is your option. For ONLY Php 500.00 - your saving a total of Php 1500.00, this includes necessary treatments.

We are looking 3 models one for each hair type.

Type 1 - 100% virgin hair - this means you've haven't got any chemical treatments such has hair color, etc.

Type 2 -Previously Colored hair - When we say color - your hair can't of had any henna/metalic type hair colors or bleach in your hair. You must of had just a regular hair color applied to the hair.

Type 3 - Previously Chemically treated hair - This means you could of had a rebond, perm or relax 3 months ago.
We need to double check your hair hasn't been highly sensitized due to the chemical treatments; we will require you to come inside the salon to pre - check the hair to ensure that the rebond will not cause further damage to your hair - For both type 2 & 3

So if you fall into any of these categories and you wish to have your hair rebonded. Give us a shout out.

Reyes Haircutters Salon, is having a refreshment training for Express Rebonding by Cosmocare Philippines. So not to worry your in the hands of trained professionals.

Every few months Reyes Haircutters, likes to refresh the minds of its professional hairdressers to ensure they are making each clients hair the absolute best it can be.

Express Rebonding has been introduced earlier this year, and is being used by several salons within the Philippines. The difference between Express Rebonding and regular rebonding, is the amount of time you find yourself sitting in that salon chair.

The processing time for regular rebonding takes approximately 6 hours. For express rebonding, it takes 3-4 hours to complete. You knock it off by almost half the time, that you could be using doing something else.

When : Thursday, 26th November 2009

Time: 9am - 5pm

Where : Reyes Haircutters, N. Domingo - San Juan.

So anyway if your interested, shout out at least 2 days prior to the event.

Please make note:  You need to be completely honest about the condition of your hair. If it has been chemically treated or colored. It is in the intrest of the salon & yourself to do so, because as a end result, the people who are not honest, find themselves not completely satisfied with the result of their hair, because the attending hairdresser will not be able to treat the hair in the way it is needed to be protected from futher damage.

So if you been wanting a rebond for a long time for a cheap price - heres your opportunity

Until next time - love ya!


  1. whoa!! i wanna try this one haha..

  2. wow.. this sounds good.. i live in san juan.. hihi.. however i got my hair colored few weeks ago..

  3. Rhiian - :) coolness whats the condition of your hair - so hopefully we can slot u in :)

    Donnarence - aww that would of been realli good to have u to join in, but yeah it wont be good for ur hair to rebond it right now... but dont worry every few months we have different suppliers come in to do training in the salon. So there will be more opportunities to have it done really cheap :)

  4. awww i just had a rebond... cool offer though! :D

  5. ^^thanks dear.. :D i wish to have my hair rebonded asap!! hihi perhaps next time.. :D

  6. geli - aww haha u should of told me I could of got u discounts at my salon for a rebond haha!

    donnarence - not to worry i will let u know when the next offer is up :) Were always looking for models for all types of salon services

  7. i didn't know you run a salon :D

  8. geli-pet: haha yeah i run a salon thats my job i just dont advertise it much until now...

    rhaiian - how do u mean 3 types? or do u have all 3 types with 3 differnt people hehe. are u able to make it on the 26th?

  9. haha.. type3 hair here.. had a relax last june.. where is the location sis? haha

  10. oh haha sorry i misread ...

    the salon is reyes haircutters n.domingo st san juan. I think since it was type 3 even I said its 3 months we must check it before just in case the rebond may do some more damage... are u able to come in a few days before so we can make sure all is good for the day?

  11. hi! this offer sounds real good! i stumbled upon your blog while browsing the ellana multiply site.

    i'm a type 2. i've never had my hair colored but i've had my hair relaxed thrice in this lifetime. ;) the last time i had my hair relaxed was dec 2007.

    btw, my name is anya. :)

  12. oops, sorry! reread the post. i'm also a type 3 not a type 2 since i've never had my hair colored. or maybe i can be classified as type 1 since the last treatment (relax) i had was 2 years ago. (wishful thinking ;) )


  13. hey anya! :) well thats great if u like to participate maybe contact 09279094170 - we can still slot u in for a rebond if u like sounds like ur hair should be fine to rebond - i would actually say ur hair is a type 1 because its been 2 years since ur rebond unless u havent cut ur hair since then... anyway holla ha!


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