Thursday, October 15, 2009

Have you got to try the ever famous eyeshadow makeup palettes?

I did, and I want to share my thougts with you all. Especially if your thinking about purchasing them.

Please also note, I do sell these palettes, but I am trying to keep my thoughts on the palettes purely unbias and based only on what I think about them, and Im not trying to sell it to you at all.

So anyway, I got these three palettes first, from a girl named Anne. I initally found out about these palettes, because I was looking for options and really because I wanted it for my wedding. I was so keen to get the 88 shimmer, then she advised to get the matte one, as its easier to create a everyday look with this palette. So I immediately said, bring both, I had to see them. So I went to see her, she forgot to bring one of them. She only brought the 88 matte palette. So we set a 2nd date and then she started advising the 28 palette, as its much nicer for wedding looks. So knowing me, I said bring them both and i'll decide. On the day of our meeting, I just decided to go with all 3, I couldn't help myself. And, I knew the colors were so pigmented, and a little goes such a long way, and I wouldn't need to repurchase for such a long time. Also, because I work in a salon, it would come to use at some time.

So, since I bought them late january 2009, its still barely indinted in my eyeshadow pots. I still have not regretted getting them. I love them so much, I even got one for my sister whos doing a beauty course, and one for my mother. Both of them also love them.

I use my 88 matte palette on a daily basis, and the other two every now and then, but the color pay off is great, Ive created both simple and outrageous looks. Ill have to post them up, when I have my pictures all together. 

As of the research I did before I started selling these palettes, These palettes, these are manufactured in Hong Kong, China. As you find majority of your cosmetics manufactured in China, and sold by many well known companies, that place their logo on it. These are not replica of MAC Cosmetics, but are good dupes of MAC eyeshadow pots, which goes for P800.00 a pop, when you can get these 88 palettes ranging from $15 US - $ 30 US, or in pesos from PHP800.00 to PHP1500.00  depending on what you order. Even the big company Coastal Scents, import these palettes from Hong Kong, they are just a distributor of these makeups.

So my thoughts when I purchased these palettes, I thought this was a great bargain, so many colors at an affordable price. What can go wrong. I am also getting my hands on the 88 warm, 180 palette and the 10 pc concealer palette. So, when I get to try them, Ill let you know what I think.  Ill also post up some pictures of the looks created and some swatches. So keep an eye out for them.

So, I hope this helps out decide if you want to get any of these range of products, Im sure, no matter where you purchase them from you will enjoy it very much. Especially for thoes makeup artists or people who want to start their eyeshadow collection without making your pockets too light, this is a great option for you.

Chao for now lovies...



  1. I wanna buy myself a palette, but I dont know which one to get. Which would you suggest? 88 matte, 88 shimmer, or the 120?

  2. Hey sis,

    Well the 120, is every similar to the 88 matte, just more variety in colors. Although the 120 has more shimmer than the 88 matte.

    but for the difference between the 88 matte & 88 shimmer is that, 88 matte is great for everyday looks and you can also create great night looks too. Where as the shimmer is harder to make every day looks with, but still very nice. It really depends on prefernce sis :) I hope that helps. let me know if u still need help :)

  3. Hi, count me in on the giveaway!
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  4. great sis - good luck hope u win


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