Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Bucket List

Have any of you watched the Bucket List? The movie with the stars Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It's a really good movie.

For thoes who haven't watched it, I'll give you a quick rundown. Its about two guys who are sick and dieing, and one of these guys made himself a list, a list of things to do before he dies. So the two of them together set out to fulfill these "dreams" and make it reality. Of course it has much more depth than that, but as I said it's just a quick rundown.

Anyway back to the point of this blog, this morning I got to thinking about the things I always wanted to do, and my very own bucket list, and how many of these things I have fulfilled.

So here are the very few things I have done

1. I run a business - which is totally insane! I love it, even though the stress is overwhelming at times, it such a wonderful life experience.
2. I got a tattoo - but i think I dont want to count it, because it was a cosmetic eyeliner tattoo that totally sucked!!!!!! its almost faded! So yeah..
3. I live in another country - In a place that I dont really understand it, learning a new culture, learning a new language.
4. I got married. :) just last month. Although It wasnt in a waterfall, in my bikini and roses petals everywhere. It was the next best thing. In a garden - and on the plus side there is always future anniversarys to do that hay.

So yea thats all I have fulfilled off my list so far, except the tattoo one, I want to get a proper tattoo.. I have the obvious things people put on their lists, fly a jet, sky dive, swim with sharks, and get in that freaky haunted house, and thoes little more private things, that I won't post up here. I just made this list, even though im not sick, dieing or anything, I made it because I want a mission in life, something that will make me feel like I done something worthy :) something that makes me happy. Don't think im a sad person for having this list, so much happens in life, and, how can you know when your time comes, but what can you do but at least attempt to make your dreams come true.

So thats it for now. I want to know if any of you guys have done anything like this, do you have your own bucket list? have you fulfilled any of your dreams? Let me know.


Chao for Now!


  1. hey, opened your blog just now.
    you're married?

    wait, is this allie? ^^

  2. yes sis this is allie :)

    yeah im married. that tall handsome guy next to me that day we met, was my hubby hehe...

  3. haha. cool~! :D

    how old are you?


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