Sunday, October 18, 2009


They finally arrived, the 180 Pro Palette & 88 Warm Palette! They're so cool, and look much better in real life, than in the pictures that you find on the internet. I really cant wait to try some looks with these palettes.

These pictures just quite don't do the justice for these palettes, but it's close enough.

The 180 palette has obviously 180 colors, mixed with shimmer, matte, marble and satin colors. If 120 palette or the 88 color palette just isn't enough for you, the 180 is.  Very pigmented and a little goes a long way. The only bad thing is, its a huge palette. So its not very portable, but for 180  colors I think I come to terms with the size, for the amount of colors it provides.

The 88 Warm, is the same size as the 88 color and 88 palette, but just purely made of neutral shades. Its perfect for the people who just like neutral looks and smokey eyes. Its beautiful for thoes wedding looks. Its very similar to the 28 neutral palette, however, the 88 palette lacks in the amount of color and size of each pot, makes up in the variety of colors, in whites, silvers, golds, peaches, beige, browns, plumbs and blacks.

Im so excited to try a look with these palettes. Its been so long and still waiting to finish moving into my new place, just everything so delayed. And im just bursting to try these palettes out. So will post up some swatches when I have time :)


Chao 4 Now


  1. The 180 looks so colorful, and the warm palette looks veeeeery pretty. :)

  2. sis, what make up case (the big cool-looking ones, LOL) would you recommend? how much would it be and where do i get it?

  3. you mean thoes cool makeup cases pro makeup artists carry around all their stuffs in. if its that I have found some big ones greenhills for about 2000 pesos each - if u find any places that are cheaper tell me :)

  4. how much is this in peso?

  5. the 180 is P1550 at and the 88 warm is P1000 at the same website :)


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