Monday, October 5, 2009


My thoughts on the MAD MINERALS Indelible Cream Eyeshadows

I saw these eyeshadows reviewed on, while I was looking for reviews on the
ever famous MAC Paint Pots. I was just curious to what was all the fuss was about. And to what I found, they were these great new creation of cream eyeshadows, wonderful as a eyeshadow base and crease proof, in many colors. Oh so, did I want them. So I searched and searched for
the cheapest way to get these in my possession. Unfortunately I just couldn't find any, until one day I stumbled across this review on the MAD Minerals Indelible cream eyeshadows, apparently the next to the best dupe for the MAC Paint Pots. And for what it lacks in size it makes up in affordability.

MAD Minerals description of the indelible cream eyeshadows :

Blendable, beautiful - this do-it-all shadow lines, shades and contours your eyes with a lovely,
crease-proof, smudge proof, water proof formula. Mix and Match or go as sheer or as dramatic, as you like with layerable, buildable color. The super innovative, super luminous cream features a breakthrough in color technology utilizing mirco- sheer pigments coated with cutting edge polymers - the secret to this never before wear so the captivating color won't disappear until you say so.

In a 3 gram jar.

So I checked it out and I just had to get my hands on these. I got them for PHP700.00 each, so much easier on my pocket. And I must say they are pretty true to what they claim to be.

They don't crease, they don't smudge, well not alot anyway. Which is pretty darn good. Great

as a eyeshadow and as a eyeshadow base. As for the waterproof aspect, I tried some swatches earlier, for all of you to see. When I went to wash the swatches off, the ones with the MAD mineral base, just would not budge, I had to scrub really hard, and it still left residue. So its pretty good for that aspect too.

I got the following cream eyeshadows

Apricot Frost - peachy color - close to MAC Rubenesque
Bare Necessity - nude color - close to MAC Painterly
Bronze Frost - shimmer bronze color- close to MAC Indianwood
Carbon - shimmering black - close to MAC Blackground


After being rubbed off with my finger.

After being washed with water - swatches with cream base is still in good condition.

I use the carbon as my eyeliner sometimes, I apply just like any cream liner, and I must say
it lasts better than some other liners I own. I just set it with a black eyeshadow, and its good to go all day long. So I guess thats it for my personal opinion.

Summary of PROS & CONS

Water proof
Smudge proof
Crease proof
Fairly affordable
filled all the way to the top of the jar.
A little goes a long way
Good as a liner, eyeshadow & base


Not available locally
It's fairly pricey for some people, but affordable who want
to try a good dupe for MAC Paint Pots.

And to add YES I would repurchase these again! I am eyeing down the
fanthom color!
Anyway if you tried it, or heared of it, let me know your thoughts.

I am also making it available to purchase for a short time, just to open that door of opportunity
for thoes who would also like to try this wonderful product!


I am not paid to make this review, this is purely my own opinion and my own
experience of using this product.

Anyway chickys enjoy!

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  1. wow nice review...

    i would like to try it somehow

    but as u say some were really pricey:(


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