Thursday, October 29, 2009

Prestige Total Intensity Liners

Long Lasting
Smudge Proof
Water Proof

All in one eyeliner - what more could you ask for.

When I was on a mission to find the prefect kohl eyeliner, I came past the Prestige Total Intensity Liners, they claimed to be long lasting, smudge proof and water proof. I thought - geez I gotta try some of these. So I grabbed thoes testers and started drawing them on my hand. And the color pay off was AMAZING. So vivid and so intense. Then I had to try the smudge proof part, and I didnt wait long to wipe it, it barely budged!

At smudge proof I was already sold. But I had to give the waterproof side a whirl. So I got a bit of my saliva! haha I know disgusting but I just had to try. It again slightly faded, but only a bit! So I was so ready to get them and check out. But what colors to choose. I ended up walking out with deepest black, strong slate and bold brown, at $14 aud a pop. But to not look like a racoon, I thought it was worth it, as I seen and used worse for $10 aud.

As I arrived back in Philippines, I found out I left them back in Australia, man was I cranky with myself. And I had no idea where to get them. Argh... And I found my friend Shrilina who imports american cosmetics to Philippines, was accepting orders from Prestige. I was happy again.

I ended up ordering the deepest black, strong slate (grey) and intense olive at PHP480.00 . I just recieved them last Monday. The long wait was over and I can finally get to use the liners.

Unfortunately, I discovered that the beauty bars also sell prestige cosmetics, and the liners for PHP 250- 300.00, but on the plus side, they didn't sell the total intensity liners.

first swipe

after being rubbed really hard, lol i didnt let it dry, i tested it a 2nd time it wasn as smudgy as this.

after being wipped with water... not to bad for not being dry.

* Smudge proof
* water proof
* can get prestige cosmetics at the beauty bar
*available in a varity of colors

*good color pay off


Cant think of any !

Get your hands on some of these ! They're great

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