Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Gorgeous QIV 4.0

Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my experience with my Gorgeous Hair Iron, Ive had my Iron for over 1 year now. And its just great. It gives beautiful results to my hair. It comes out so sleek and smooth. It heats up in just seconds. But because in the past there were problems with the GHD Hair Iron, with zapping people. They made it ZAP Proof, or something along thoes lines, as the sales attendant told me. And if you were to ever get "zapped" within two years they would replace it on the spot. 

comes in this great well presented box and a heat proof case

 Authenticity Sticker

Just to give you all a little bit of history of the GHD and Gorgeous Hair Irons. GHD has been around for a very long time and it was the BOMB! the absolute best when it comes to hair irons, with a very nice price tag of AUD 400.00 appx, and according to the sales attendant and a bit of research I have done in the past. It comes that the creators of GHD Irons, there were 3 of them, and for some reason they had a dispute and split up. And one of the guys went out and made the Gorgeous Hair Iron. But dont be fooled also there is already a dupe of the gorgeous Iron, its called Be Gorgeous, so just don't get the two confused with each other.

I got my Gorgeous Iron at GlamaCo for AUD 200.00 appx maybe just a bit less. I got a 50% discount on it, because I had a trade card, otherwise they were going for just over AUD 300.00. And it came with a 2 year replacement warranty, compared to the GHD with only one year repair warranty at double the price. So I thought what the heck, and I got the girl to test both of them on my hair at the same time. The results were exactly the same, and to this day it still is, because everytime I go back to the land down under, my sister has a GHD Iron, and I always still test it out. Still just as good as each other. 

Although, I did notice just last August, my Iron wasn't getting as hot as it used to when I first got it, so I took it back to GlamaCo, no questions asked they changed it over! YIPPEE, and still no complaints, best iron I ever invested in.

This iron also has what you call floating plates, so when you twist your iron, it follows around to make better curls. And have you also noticed hair irons, when you press the two plates together they don't quite clamp each other properly, and your hair just isn't giving you the straight hair you want, well with floating plates, the plates always clamp together, there is never a gap between the two, which gives better results when ironing your hair.

So anyway, my hair is wavy, and today I wanted to have straight hair, so I straightened it with my gorgeous iron, so you can see how nice the results are.


after - nice straight, sleek and shinny

PPS Heat Protector

TIP: When styling your hair with a hair iron, curling iron or blowdryer, prior to doing so, make sure you use a heat protector so your hair doesn't get so damaged. I used my PPS Heat Protector. You can get any heat protector at hair salons or your local grocery store and department store. So invest in one, its well worth it.

* Its cheaper than the GHD Iron
* Its easy to use
* results are smooth and straight
* creates good curls - so multipurpose

* it has cute dimonties ( If any ever fall out the sellers fix that how awesome - its apparantly covered in the warranty)
* It comes both in black & pink
* 2 year replacement warranty

* Not available locally in the Philippines ( but can be purchased online on ebay)
* It isn't affordable to everyone - but consider it lasts a long time so in the long run its actually cheaper.

And thats It. So feel free to ask if you have any more questions about it.

Chao 4 Now

Mwah Love ya!



  1. i love your hair color and you are soo pretty!

  2. Thanks a lot for following my blog!

    Oh yea that hair straightener really does a lovely job at making your hair all straight and looks great!!

  3. hey thanxx for the nice comments

  4. Hi, may I ask what is your hair color? Thanks! It's really pretty!

  5. my hair was just a light brown hair dye :) thanku


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