Friday, October 9, 2009



MY BYS (Be Yourself) HAUL! As some of you may know, I recently left to go to Australia to get married to my only one!!! Because thats where all our family is.
And because my sister is a student in a beauty course, she knew about different products for really good prices. I told her one day, I needed a white eyeshadow, because unforunately the one in my 88 color palette just wasnt pigmented enough for me. She told me about BYS, that you can get this BYS Eyeshadow for $2 AUD. which is what, PHP80.00 give and take, whatever the exchange rate is that. I said to myself, I gotta get my hands on these, what do I have to loose. So there you have it, I went all out! and got all of the below items, and proberbly a few more, I just cant find them! haha...

These are the single eyeshadows going for $2 - 4 AUD, depending on where you buy them, you can also buy small cases for your pots! I got the boring one, but there is some funky colorful ones, I will be getting my hands on them on my next trip back home. YAY. Anyway they have these pots available in powder, matte, shimmer, fluro and cream! WOW !!! I couldn't help myself, the more I got, I still wanted more again.

Here are some swatches of the colors I got!!! SOOO pigmented!!!! Last really good amount of time! And a little goes a long way. I think the picture tells it all.

The ingredients in these eyeshadows are:Magnesium, stearate, talc, mica iso-propyl myristate, butylate, hydroxy, antsole, propyl paraben, parafin, oil, metheyl, paraben.
These eyeshadows come in all colors available!!!! And so affordable.

This is another product i got from BYS Selection. The 5 piece palette #5 in black steel. Colors in White, light grey, dark grey , matte black and shimmer black. This palette is perfect for smokey eye looks. The colors are so pigmented, and again a little goes a long way. There are many versions of this palette in different colors, this palette is also somewhat similar to the revlon 5pc palettes, just without the pricetag.

Here are the swatches of the 5 pc palette, all in order. Can you see how bright they are and they are all without any primer or base.

This is another palette I picked up in a random store. I can't remember the price I got it for, but it was really cheap. Its called the BYS Eye Creme Splat Palette, Obviously you can see by the pictures the colors look all splattered. They are cream based, and, come out with unique colors, because of the different blends of colors inside them. They would be good eyeshadow bases and even just an eyeshadow on its own.

Here are all the swatches of the Creme Splat Palette, all very bright, all very shimmery. Good color pay off. Not a bad buy for the price that its at.
Anyway, thats it for my haul, sorry if I missed out on any items, I will do some looks in the future using these products, very cheap and great pay off! They arn't replicas of anything, this BYS is its own brand! With its own product. If you get a chance to try some try them!
I might bring some in from Australia in December to share with you all. If you like. Just let me know.

I am not paid to do this review, This is purely my own opinion of this product
to share with you all!

If any of you got to try this product let me know what you think. I would like to know. :)

Thats it for now chickys! PEACE .... MWAHHH


  1. waaah, i want the splat palette. so cute. haha

  2. yeah it is hay... i cant wait to try a look with it hehe...


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