Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pimple Problems - Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit

Wow, I have really neglected my blog site for a while sorry guys. Anyway I have a few reviews coming up soon. So watch out for them

Lately, I don’t know if it’s because of my diet or stress, or possibly a combination of both. I have been getting so many break outs over the last couple of months. Everything that used to work for me, just isn’t working for me now. So I’ve been searching for a new remedy, so one night while I was looking for my new solution in SM, I came past this little set – Clean & Clear active clear acne control kit by Johnson & Johnson.

The thing that grabbed my attention was that it stated on the box, “100% of people saw clearer skin in 1 day”. Usually you would see products claiming approximately 80%- 95%, but for a brand to claim 100%, must be pretty darn good.

I got this for Php 550.00 in SM Watson’s. It comes with a pack of four pieces. Acne control cleanser, Acne control toner, Acne control moisturizer and a acne control speed gel. So all of these show the best effects when used together.

So I will be taking a few days pictures of my progress using this product. Oh please let this be the one. I want my annoying lil’ bumps on my face to fade into nothing, and, I have my nice smooth face one again.

Have any of you got to try this products? If yes, what do you think of it? If no, What do you suggest I try, if this fails?

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  1. great post..thanks for sharing tips and idea..i learn more from it.we will come back often.

  2. I am not really a fan of clean and clear. I got pimples because of it.

  3. It might seem like a silly question but when you have acne, lots of different things influence your skin. Finding the right acne solution for you depends on skin type as well as what type of activities you like to do. Taking care of your skin is important; everyone wants to have healthy beautiful skin. Many people do not realize that stress, environment, diet and exercise are all things that influence skin. The amount of sleep you get also makes a difference. In general, people that exercise on a regular basis might have a little more acne because of heat and sweat. Always make sure to wash your face well.

  4. Well, I would prefer herbal products. But if you use it and have good effect, why not use it right?

  5. @ pamela stewart- thankyou for passing by...hope to hear more feedback in the future from you :)

    @ sugar strip eas fan - Yeah unfortunately, there are products that doesnt always work for us... unfortunately this product of the J&J line does not work for me :(

  6. @ aasi - Yeah I understand where you are coming from. Everything in life really affects how our skin gets affected.

    @ Acne Sensitive Skin Treatment - Yeah I prefer herbal products too. Do you know of any that I can try?

  7. Clean and clear helped me a bit it actually kept my skin oil free for long

  8. You can buy revitol skincare cream at discounted rates just by getting in touch with and it is noteworthy that all revitol products are immensely popular throughout the world for providing top-rated skincare and anti-aging solutions.

  9. @ Acne Sensitive Skin Treatment - Yeah I prefer herbal products too. Do you know of any that I can try?
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  10. Artistix,
    bumps on the skin,is it more whiteheads you suffer from?
    If it is you then you need to keep your skin clean and pores unblocked. Maybe C&C will do the trick.
    Would be glad to hear how you get on with the trial.

  11. Yeah there are so many things that influence why you get acne, unfortunately this is not very reassuring when you have it. I prefer herbal always if you can get it to work. People are reluctant to change diet often and this can really help. Fresh fruit and veges.

  12. some skin are allergic to alcohol base and soap based substance that will further irritate the skin, so the best treatment is to change lifestyle, sleep early, drink fruits and veges


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