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Hey readerz,

I guess its about time to finally get back to blogging again after this insanely busy holiday season. My family has been and gone from the good old land down under - Australia, to visit us and the rest of the family here for the Christmas season. Oh, it was a good time, although to be honest, you know when a big family gets together you can't escape thoes unecessary fights we all have. But thats life, I wouldn't have it any other way. So I hope you all had a good holiday season.

Anyway back to the actual review of this blog.

So as you all know I was trying out the Clean & Clear Acne Control Kit, hoping it was the answer to all my prayers for all my acne problems lately.

Unfortunately to be honest, This kit did not do me much good at all. I thought after the first few days of use I was seeing my skin clear up. But unfortunately after day and night during 2-3 weeks of use I had no results, my skin was still popping up with annoying acne and it just would not go away.

I was not happy at all, given that I had to attend a few weddings and parties, the last thing I want is acne showing through all my photos.

So here are the pros & cons of my experience for this product.

- Affordable
- Available Locally
- Most of clean & clear lines are effective unfortunately for this one it is not for me.
- Easy to apply with a simple step to step program
- Nice packaging

- Does not work for me

Overal Rating:

This is a nice product, especially if it works for you, Just unfortunately it did not for me at all. I wont be repurchasing this product again :(

So after I determined that I was not happy with the clean & clear acne control kit, I just tried to make sure I washed it morning and night with facial wipes or soap. Gradually over a few weeks of doing this, my face was getting clearer - YAY. It wasn't removing everything and I still had acne marks left on my forehead, but it was going away. But I decided to go for a chemical peel at my local facial center for PHP 400.00. Usually you get it for PHP 1500.00 at other facial clinics. So I figured why not give it a shot, since I have watched a co-worker's face clear up after having the same treatment.

So, the dermatologist explained that over a week my face will slowly peel and remove my first layer of skin. She advised me to use only sunscreen(am only), the anti-biotic cream (provided by the clinic) and soap every morning and night. Never apply moisturizer, scrub, scratch or pick at the pealing skin.

This treatment only takes 15 minutes to apply, then you must leave it on for an hour until you may wash it off.

15 minutes does not sound like a big ask, but Oh did I wish someone would of told me what I was going to go through during that 15 mintues. My face was itchy and stingy and you cant scratch it at all. And then it'll stay like that for the 1 hour. I assume this is because the chemicals are potent and just absorbing into the skin until the skin dries up and begins to peal.

After the 1 hour the face starts to settle down, and it's not so hard to bear. But I was regretting going for the facial. After 1 day your face goes very red, but the clinic sells a tinted moisturizer so it does not looks so bad, but I didn't know they were selling at the time, so I found out after it was too late, ugh.

Anyway after the 2nd day - 4th day your face should have started pealing and almost finished.

My face was nice clear and smooth again. So I do not regret in the long run doing this treatment, all my acne scars were gone and my exsiting acne dried up and is not bothering me so much any more.

I do recommend having this treatment only if you NEED it, as in you wish to remove scars that you can't remove any other way. This treatment can only be once a month, but again not on a regular basis, is my own oppinion.

- Clears up skin
- My clinic provides the service at a affordable price

- Skin gets itchy and stingy whiles treatment is ongoing and after 2 days after treatment.
-Treatment takes 1 week to complete
- Expensive at most facial clinics


I am happy with the results, just wish it didn't take 1 week to complete. I will have this service done again, but proberly not in the near future.

So, since I went through all of that for one week, I wanted to make sure I kept my skin in the same condition. So I went out looking for a good cleanser that would remove the dirt and keep my face clean. 
I decided to try Olay Total Effects foaming cleanser, because it claimed to, " remove excess oil, gets rid of dirt, removes makeup, gentle on skin, doesn't overdry, helps lift away dull surface skin, non comedogenic". It sounded like the perfect cleanser. 

And to be honest, It does hold up to it's standards, It really helped me to keep my skin clear from all the acne, it was really gentle on my skin. Although, I am still not sure on how well it does to brighten up my skin. But I must say for everything else, this is a great product to try. 

It is available at all leading supermarkets and drugstores.


Gentle on skin
Removes Dirt
Removes Makeup
Helps keep skin oil free
Available locally


Does not assist with brightening up skin


This is a great product to try if you are still on the search for a good cleanser.

I rate this product 4.5/5 because it does not hold up its promise to brighten up dull skin.

 Much love and until next time readers,


  1. I've been meaning to try Clean&Clear. It works well for my friend, but we have different skin types! I'm afraid C&C will dry my face out :(

  2. @ SuLora - yeh many different products work for different people it just depends on how our skin reacts to them.

  3. I bought SaveOurSkin. Hope it'll work for me as well.


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