Monday, November 2, 2009

Wet on Wet Technique - Tutorial Natural Eye Look

Here it goes for my first picture tutorial. I thought I would share with all of  you my favorite way to apply eyeshadow.

I really like to use the wet on wet technique because its so much more gentle on the eyes, little work needs to be done, easier to blend out, the colors are very vivid and for me it lasts all day, I don't even need a primer.

For this tutorial I did a natural eye look, using my MOI Cosmetics 28 Neutral Palette, concealer brush, blending brush, sauce bowl, scotch tape and paper towel.

Why a concealer brush, because when brushes are wet, they get flimsy, and a concealer brush is the strongest or should I say most dense of all eye brushes, therefore, its the strongest when wet.

So first step, start with a clean face, have your foundation, concealer whatever you do before your eyeshadow.

Get your scotch tape and just stick it from the corner of your eye to the ends of your eyebrows. You dont have to do this, I just like to, because at the end of it, you have nice clean lines.

concealer brush

Then grab your concealer brush and wet it, and wipe off the excess water on a clean paper towel. Then dip it into your the lightest eyeshadow. For this I used a shimmery champange color, and apply straight to the lids and your brow bone as a highlighter.

outer v
Next step, clean your brush again and get your darkest eyeshadow and apply to the corners of your eyes and along the crease of your lids, and, apply it a bit above the crease. Just create a outer V. Don't worry just yet if it creates harsh lines.

blender brush

Now get your blending brush and blend out the harsh lines. And if you must apply some more color to add depth.

After your happy with that, grab a color in between the two shades you just used, get your blending brush and sweep it up towards your brow bone. Just enough to blend out thoes harsh lines.

Now, remove the scotch tape. You can see the very clean line, you may need to blend out these lines a little so they arnt so harsh. I used my extra large blender brush to do this.

large blender brush

after 8 hours

To finish off the look, I defined my eyebrows with some brown eyeshadow, lined my eyes, applied pink lipstick and my blush. Good to go!

taken after 8 hours

Well time to cruise off now. So loving ya and leaving ya

Till next time


  1. i use brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrow too (from the 88 palette i got from you). :D

  2. I tried this technique and you're right, the staying power is great, thanks for the tut=)


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