Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ellana - Mineral Foundation

The beauty of mineral makeup, is that its light and not bad for the skin. However, there are many brands out there that claim to be mineral makeup that are not really as pure as we would all like them to be.

But on my search for the perfect mineral foundation with a good amount of coverage, I stumbled across Ellana Mineral Makeup. I still really haven't used mineral makeup before, other than the AVON mineral foundation, which was not good for my skin at all. I was so excited to try it, but how was I to choose the best shade for me?

Luckily enough, you can find on the ellana website tips and tricks, and in one of these tips and tricks, it actually teaches you how to find your undertone, and then from there you should already know the shade you should use on your skin, and then there you go, more likely than not, you will find the right shade for you. But still if your not sure you can get the trial size for 1g for only P100.00 and it will last you as long as a week.

I ended up choosing initally Hazelnut latte in pure blend 2 in 1 because at the time, my skin was very uneven toned. But It wasnt the right shade for me, so I tried Almond Latte in pure blend 2 in 1. The coverage was great and was so light on my skin. No more feeling heavy or icky.

Since about a month ago, my skin has become alot more oily, Im not sure why, maybe the heat of Philippines is finally affecting me. So I changed to the intensive coverage, which is perfect for oily skin types. It keeps my face matte all day. I don't use a primer at all with this foundation, just moisturizer and i'm good to go.

To apply, I use my ellana large buffer brush, you can get this for PHP750.00, It gives me a nice smooth finish.

no makeup on

after foundation is applied

finished result

Natural Sun protection
Good Coverage
Available locally
Available in a large range of shades
Available in 3 different types for uneven skin tone, oily skin and normal skin

No testers
Have to guess what foundation shade you are

So ladies, give this mineral makeup a try, you'll definately find something perfect for you.

time to love ya and leave ya!



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