Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sick of that short haircut! But don't have the patience for your hair to grow out to that perfect length?! Here's your solution try Clip on hair extensions from LYNELL HAIR.

I've had mine for about 4 months now and I LOVE IT! I really got them for my wedding last August, because in my mind, I imagined my hair being long and flowing on my wedding day, and, who was I to not allow myself to deminish my dream, with my short hair. My hair just wasn't growing quick enough. So I researched different kinds of hair extensions they offer here. Glue in, thoes ring clip in ones and the tempoary clip in ones. They all offered different grades of hair extensions, synthetic hair, human hair grade A and human hair highest quality. Sorry I have the wrong terms, I can't remember them if my life depended on it. But you all get what I mean.

Prices ranged from PHP1000.00 to PHP 30,000 depending on what kind you had, how many you put in, and what quality you used.

And, In the end I thought maybe it would be so much easier to put in and take out the extensions when ever I wanted, to have short have one day and long hair the next. The ultimate options all at the power of my finger tips.

So in the end I got in touch with Ms Aki, who was very persitant and very patient in updating me with current promos, and answering my questions promptly. Unfortunatelly, I went to the tutuban mall, whilst one of my shopping spree days there, and I just couldn't find the shop anywhere, nor did any of the guards. But on one of my days shopping in Greenhills, I found a Lynell Hair Branch there, YAY, so I immediately dragged my baby J in there, and started asking about their hair extensions. They tried them in my hair so I could actually see how it looked on me. I love that. They first tried the 22 inch on my hair but seemed too long, so I tried the 16 inch, and it was perrrfect.

So in the end I got 7 pieces, for just under PHP5000.00, on the spot in dark brown, 4x 2 clips, 2x 3 clips and 1x 4 clip. 100% human hair, so I could style it in anyway, curl, straighten it, color it, if I wanted to but I wouldn't suggest it, especially if you get the extensions that have been "chemically treated" and not the 100% virgin hair. And you can wash and treat it, just like human hair. Just make sure not to get the clips wet, or else it might just break apart.

clip in hair extensions - dark brown

I have not been more happy with my extensions. I am considering getting some more in the future. Just know, there is a life period on these hair extensions. So do take care of them, the better you look after them, the longer they last.

Anyway here are the pictures of what I look like with and without the extensions on. So simple to put in and take out with the clips, and the attendants at Lynell hair have instructions how to care for your extensions and how to put them in.

my hair without the hair extensions

the hair extensions on my wedding day styled and curled - so natural looking

with hair extensions

looks so natural

Can have short or long hair any time
Not permanent
Can come in a variety of colors
Affordable compared to what else is on the market for qood quality extensions.
Can style the hair any way you want - curl, straighten etc.

It can get notty
If not taken care of can go to bad condition quickly

High maintanence
Need to come with a better keeping case.
Not easy to keep in healthy looking condition when its hot.

Anyway do check out Lynell hair they have a great range to choose from, and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact Ms Aki. Thanks Aki, for your help and providing us with a great range of products .


  1. guess what? napabili ako ng extensions dahil sa post mo ahahaha, but not from lynell,no regrets, I love them, will blog about it soon,stay pretty =)

  2. @ aiyoh - wow thats great, where did you get your extensions from ?

  3. How much is the hair extension clip on i want to buy... i keep on mailing lynell but they dont respond can anyone help me??> please

  4. Is there any difference between the "2 clips" & "3 clip" & "4 clip" ? Besides the number of clips on there of course.

  5. Well few other methods not much more expensive than clip ins look also great. My advice is to try the weft method. Of course you have to have it done by a professional - for a little extra you can have wefts on your hair, that could last up to 8 weeks and the hair can be reused it. Some of my clients are using their for over 12 months.

    Believe me, when you know the little hidden secret and products to use, your hair extensions will rock. I have been doing extensions in Perth for nearly 30 years. I love making women feel and look fabulous.

    Evadney at www.blackberries.net.au

  6. i have reddish brown hair and i have no idea how i will get the matching hair extensions. My marriage is in 2 months...

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  9. Really your hair is too awesome.thanx

  10. That is totally awesome, I love how it looks so natural and you can style the extensions to blend with your natural hair....

  11. hi yes there is a difference between the different size wefts beside the number of clips. the more clips in the weft usually means the longer the weft is also meaning that weft will contain more hair. :) hope that clears things up for you


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