Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints Day

Yay, a day off, time to relax and spend time with the family.

As im told, on All Saints Day, the Filipino people like to go to the cemetary and see the loved ones, and may even stay there over night.

I haven't personally experienced this, as I haven't really got any reason to visit there I guess. Although, I am curious to know more about the custom, especially since im half filo, and want to get in touch with that side of my culture.

splitz- the little stud muffin

eddie c. tired from running around after the ball

But for today, I spent time with my loved ones relaxing and enjoying the day.

My baby J and I, decided to go for a little picnic with our babies, eddie and splitz, all of our family is back in Australia, so we make do. To Luneta Park. Its such a nice place to go bring your food, mat and just spend the day there, and, count the clouds.

But since there wasn't many places open, we just got a bunch of KFC and ate it at the park. MMMM.... Yummy. Not at all healty, but oh well, its a holiday. Have to indulge once in a while.

Horses and carrigages, people who offer manicures and foot massages without having to go the salon, picture takers and people with snacks. It all comes to you. It's amazing, although that does happen alot in Philippines and a few other countries, but not in Australia, so its definately an experience for me.

Philippines is just a amazing place, with a total different lifestyle and culture. Im looking forward to experiencing alot of the other traditions in the future. I hear in Pampanga they have a interesting traditon at Easter time. Maybe that will be the next one.

Well chao for now.



  1. oh Pampanga...the Holy Week ritual?
    yeah, should witness that. :)

  2. you should experience the ritual during Holy Week in Pampanga...awesome!


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